July 24, 2012

Top 7 Updates from the Blurosphere - Blur

While Blur have been rehearsing feverishly (we hope!) for their Hyde Park Olympics gig, the Blur graphics design and PR team have been also working hard behind the scenes. 

There has been many changes on the http://blur.co.uk, the band's official site, and we bring you the 5 must-visit updates and pages this week. 

blurapp, blur ipad app, blur iphone app, blur iphone, blur ipod app, blur itunes
  1. Blur iPad / iPhone App
  2. is now out - download it from iTunes (free, compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch) for an awesome interactive experience to celebrate the Blur21 box set and the band's musical  contribution. Lots of rare new pictures and cool features to be explored. Definitely worth getting immediately - be prepared for many hours of Blur nostalgia! 
  3. Official Blur Shop - this merchandise shop is now open, selling tees that were printed even from the 90s (Blur McNormal Vintage Red T-shirt and others). CDs, beer mat sets, Hyde Park lithograph, Blur's new 7 inch vinyl, box set and the new 'Under the Westway' single and even a Blur track jacket are in stock. 
  4. Blur Timeline - well-designed little London tube map imitation widget for all to explore Blur's history, videos, cultural information, film, art, international, music and even all the Blur locations featured in their music videos and work. This new feature is Blur's discography and live history at it's best. What's more - YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE to the timeline by selecting "Add a Memory" on any stop, and following the instructions to submit your Blur note to the official site. blurtimeline, blur time line, blur tube map, blur discography

  5. Watch the BBC Maida Vale Gig - live on July 31st - to be broadcasted LIVE on the blur.co.uk official site. Great news for those who can't make it to the gig, or did not win the BBC Blur ticket lucky draw to the rare intimate show. 
  6. Blur 21 Remastered tracks available - via iTunes. All the Stephen Street remastered albums including extra tracks and previously unheard demos, live versions and extra tidbits can be previewed for 90 seconds / downloaded on the music store. The tracks are in excellent quality and are much clearer than the album tracks currently available. 
Just two more interesting 'non-official site' related links: -  
  1. Blurry Picture Game - There's huge support for Blur's comeback from BBC and BBC 6 Music - the latter is holding a game where fans have to guess the blurry Blur memorabilia or item posted each day leading up to the BBC 6 Maida Vale gig. Join in the fun and guess today's picture - we have to admit that today's picture is a tough one to guess. 
  2. Blur21 Box Set Review - Read all about the Blur21 Box set that BBC reviewed positively. They even went so far as suggesting that "the absence of new single Under the Westway/The Puritan suggests that 21 is not a full-stop". Could this be true ? Could this mean there could be more Blur after the 'end' of 2012? 
blur box set, blur21, blur 21, blur vinyl

With Blur back for the summer, it seems everything's in full swing. There's a new Blur exhibition, Blur game, Blur review, a new Blur CD and vinyl, a new Blur21 Box Set and some new gigs and shows.

Blur, Blur, Blur ... could this get any better ?

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June 28, 2012

Did Blur let their future album plan slip out ?

BBC Radio 6 Music will be premiering Blur's new single "Under the Westway" on July 2nd, but today they let something shocking slip on their Facebook page.

They posted about the single, made an announcement saying that host Steve Lamacq will be "talking to Blur and listening to tracks from their forthcoming album 'Under the Westway' "

blurbbc, blur radio, blur bbc6, blur interview, blur new album

Wait a minute - this can't be right. There's no plans of an album is there? At least the Blur members are not saying anything or have even hinted they've finished recording one.

But yet - this post was deleted minutes later and replaced with one that says "...will be talking to Blur as he has the world exclusive first play of their new single 'Under the Westway' " .

Could the age-old rumour of Blur recording a new album in 2012 be true? Or is this just a slip of the hand by a BBC staff?

It's a mystery, but this definitely makes us excited. Remember to tune into BBC 6 at 6:15pm (UK time) for Blur. Also, do not forget to download the tracks from itunes after the live, one-off roof top show where Blur will play their single live. 

The Puritan- new track HERE
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March 16, 2012

BlurBalls mentioned on BBC Radio 6

On February 24th 2012, BBC Radio 6 hosted a two-hour long Blur radio show, featuring a playlist created by fans, for fans. Previously, we posted exclusively on this little event here asking you fans to submit your favourite Blur related tracks. 

The show was excellent and truly enjoyable - rarities like the beautiful b-side "Young and Lovely" and the French version of "To The End" were played, amongst many others. Damon Albarn's Fatboy Slim collaboration track "Put it Back together" was also a pleasant surprise. A Gorillaz track was also played. 

Alex James, bassist, also surprised all fans and tuned into the show. He made a special request via twitter for Blur's b-side "Supa Shoppa", a non-vocal track. His tweet was:  

Alex James ‏ @TheAlexJames 

@BBC6Music @BlurOfficial Been putting the kids to bed. You gonna play Supashoppa or what ? Xxxxx

Other highlights included a The Cardiacs song, a funky remix of Tender, An XTC track was also played; XTC's Andy Partridge was originally set to produce Modern Life is Rubbish in it's initial stages. 

BlurBalls sent in a request for the track "You're so Great" from the album Blur. We were ecstatic when they chose to play our track, and even gave a shout out to all our readers (yes, you!) and the Blur fans out there! 

Listen below to the extract.  

And two little site updates- firstly, the results for Graham Coxon's birthday survey is finally out! Check out what fellow Blur fans and our readers have to say to Graham Coxon below.

Secondly, our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/blurballs) has gone live with the new timeline design. Thanks to Tajda for designing the great banner, featuring Damon, Graham, Dave and Alex on stage at the Brit Awards 2012 winning the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award.   

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