June 28, 2012

Did Blur let their future album plan slip out ?

BBC Radio 6 Music will be premiering Blur's new single "Under the Westway" on July 2nd, but today they let something shocking slip on their Facebook page.

They posted about the single, made an announcement saying that host Steve Lamacq will be "talking to Blur and listening to tracks from their forthcoming album 'Under the Westway' "

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Wait a minute - this can't be right. There's no plans of an album is there? At least the Blur members are not saying anything or have even hinted they've finished recording one.

But yet - this post was deleted minutes later and replaced with one that says "...will be talking to Blur as he has the world exclusive first play of their new single 'Under the Westway' " .

Could the age-old rumour of Blur recording a new album in 2012 be true? Or is this just a slip of the hand by a BBC staff?

It's a mystery, but this definitely makes us excited. Remember to tune into BBC 6 at 6:15pm (UK time) for Blur. Also, do not forget to download the tracks from itunes after the live, one-off roof top show where Blur will play their single live. 

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