December 31, 2015

Damon Albarn awarded OBE by the Queen of England

Here's excellent Blur news just before New Years- Damon Albarn has been awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his contributions to the British music scene for over 20 years. The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is the "order of chivalry of British constitutional monarchy, rewarding contributions to the arts and sciences, work with charitable and welfare organisations and public service outside the Civil Service.

The singer, composer and songwriter for Blur, Gorillaz and various other musical successes joins ranks of Goldie and actors James Nesbitt, Idris Elba, David Oyelowo, Barbara Windsor and Imelda Staunton among the celebrities saluted by Queen Elizabeth II as part of her annual Honours List.

In December Albarn, who was was born in London and raised in Essex, opened his musical,, at the National Theatre in London - reworking Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland into a story about the digital age.

Damon Albarn has also been working on the fifth Gorillaz album, which is expected in 2016. In an interview with Rolling Stone in October, he said: "So far, it's really fast, and it's got quite a lot of energy. I've been stuck on piano, somewhere off Broadway, for years now. I want to go somewhere completely opposite of that."

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December 22, 2015

Damon Albarn announces New album

Supergroup The Good, The Bad & The Queen may have already produced their second record, with Damon Albarn revealing that he has "got" the record. Albarn's band – which also features The Clash bassist Paul Simonon, The Verve guitarist Simon Tong and drummer Tony Allen – were last seen performing two gigs in London in November 2011.

The group's self-titled debut album was released in 2007. In an interview with The Sun yesterday (December 18), however, Albarn said that as well at a new Gorillaz record, "I’ve also got a Good, the Bad and the Queen record. It will either be Gorillaz or that [that comes next] and then I might be allowed to go back into my own solo world or another musical."

As early as July, Albarn had said that he could record a new Gorillaz album "next week," while in October he described the animated act's new material as "really fast" with "quite a lot of energy."

On the new Gorillaz album, Albarn said: "I'm in the very early days on a new Gorillaz record. So far, it's really fast, and it's got quite a lot of energy. I've been stuck on piano, somewhere off Broadway, for years now. I want to go somewhere completely opposite of that." Over a year ago, in October 2014, Albarn told the Sydney Morning Herald a new album by The Good, The Bad & The Queen is fully written.

Albarn reinvented Alice in Wonderland for Manchester International Festival earlier this year, and had to be carried off set at Danish Festival Roskilde after refusing to stop his show after five and a half hours.

October 21, 2015

New Gorillaz, New Style ? Jamie Hewlett previews New Gorillaz Artwork

Just recently, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett announced that their highly successful virtual band Gorillaz will be releasing a new album in 2016. Much to the delight of their fans, the duo announced that they have been actively working on recording a new Gorillaz album which is scheduled for release next year, although no teasers or musical tracks have yet to be released. 

The band has always emphasised the visual and aesthetically side of their music, preferring to animate rather than use traditional people to feature in their live shows as well as music videos. 

But what will the new Gorillaz look like? Jamie Hewlett, cartoonist and co-creator of the band Gorillaz has been posting teasers of the 'new' Gorillaz up on his Instagram throughout the past few weeks. 

Despite these previews, the question of what the new Gorillaz will look, feel and sound like still remains unclear. Until further news, it still remains a mystery to the fans.

October 16, 2015

Blur's Damon Albarn visits and performs at Banksy's Dismaland

The rumours were rife that someone big was going to make a surprise appearance at Banky's Dismaland for its final night of music after Massive Attack pulled out. And it was Blur frontman Damon Albarn who surprised the crowds a few weeks ago during the last week of Banksy's exhibition.

Wearing a mask over his face, as Banksy requested all guests did on Friday night so that he could attend himself, Albarn ran on stage to join De La Soul for a rendition of The Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc. Last night also saw performance from Pussy Riot, Kate Tempest and Leftfield. De La Soul also performed their "Me, Myself & I" during the "Masked Ball" performance.

According to the Bristol Post, Albarn along with many of the Dismaland guests wore masks so Banksy – himself disguised – could attend the concert and not have his identity revealed. "Dress code – due to the amount of paparazzi staking out the park in recent weeks Banksy has requested people come masked-up so he can attend the event without being photographed," a Dismaland statement said.

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Damon Albarn Banksy Dismaland, damon albarn banksy art, blur banksy, damon albarn news, banksy blur, gorillaz news, art blur
Damon Albarn Banksy Dismaland, damon albarn banksy art, blur banksy, damon albarn news, banksy blur, gorillaz news, art blur

Banksy and Albarn previously worked together when the artist designed the cover image of Blur's Think Tank. They joined the likes of Fatboy Slim, Run the Jewels and Savages who have taken it in turns to fill the Friday night music slot during Dismaland's five week run in the former Tropicana site in Weston-super-Mare.

October 13, 2015

Damon Albarn confirmed to be working on New Gorillaz Album- 2015

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett who formed the biggest virtual band in the last decade in 1998 have been hinting at new music throughout 2015. Now, Jamie Hewlett has confirmed that the pair are actually in the process of working and actively recording a new Gorillaz album, which is scheduled to a 2016 release.

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Damon Albarn working on New Gorillaz Album, Damon Albarn working on New Gorillaz Album 2015, jamie hewlett 2015, new gorillaz 2015, new gorillaz album, new gorillaz track,

Jamie Hewlett, who is behind the group’s iconic animations, was recently quoted as saying he had been “shutting himself away” to work on Gorillaz’s fifth album.

“I’m working on it at the moment, and it’s going very well,” he said. “I’m very excited. I don’t want to say too much about it, but I’m at that phase of experimentation. What I try not to do when I’m working in this creative period, the cooking of the mess, is go to other peoples’ exhibitions and look at other peoples’ work".

"I close my eyes, and don’t want to know what anyone else is doing. Doing that has kind of ruined the creative process for me in the past, and I don’t want to let that happen again" he also added.

“That’s next year," he told DIY Mag of the Gorillaz project in a new interview to promote his first art exhibition in London. "I’m working on it at the moment, and it’s going very well. I’m very excited." It's been four years since the group's last release, 2011's The Fall.

So what about the new Gorillaz artwork? Will it be an entirely different style from the old Gorillaz, or will it be similar to the last album's style?

"I don’t want to say too much about it, but I’m at that phase of experimentation," Hewlett said. He also added that he has been posting teasers of the new fictional "members" of Gorillaz on Instagram throughout the year.

Whatever the style of the new Gorillaz, this is absolutely fantastic news for Gorillaz fans, who will be able to look forward to a new world tour and album from one of the most recognised and popular virtual bands of our time.

September 24, 2015

Must watch Blur Clips

Whether you’re a life-long fan of Blur, or you’ve only just discovered what it is to live in a Chemical World, there’s always some interest to be found in clips of some of the band’s most exciting and dynamic performances. Here are just a few of the best clips of the band for you to watch now.

To begin with, in July of this year, Frontman Damon Albarn delighted and surprised attendees of the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark when he refused to stop playing his set and had to be forcibly removed from the stage. Albarn had been playing for 5 hours solid before being told by the organisers to wrap it up at 4am. Amid chants from the crowd of “We Want More”, a security guard climbed on stage, lifted Albarn over his shoulder and carried him off. This incident was recorded and was reported on by several newspapers, and is definitely worth a watch.

Another fantastic clip is of Blur a very early Blur performance in 1993, still young and fresh faced, performing Chemical World at Germany’s Rocklife concert, nicely warming up the stage for Duran Duran. However, the band got a little bit carried away with themselves, becoming slightly too energetic, resulting in Graham Coxon’s guitar becoming unplugged mid set. Luckily, Albarn sees the funny side, telling the crowd: "Don't jump too high, OK kids?"

If you’re after rare, hardly seen footage of the band then you’re in luck, as earlier this year MOJO published some rare footage of a small, intimate concert which was played on May the 1st in the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. This includes a performance of their track Lonesome Street, which prior to MOJO’s release had not been seen anywhere.

Finally, make sure you check out the phenomenal performance of Tender, live at Hyde Park in 2009. This gig marks Graham Coxon’s return to the band following a 6 year break, and the excitement and revitalisation in the band during this reunion gig is palpable.

Many of these clips might not have been seen by some people, and it is only thanks to the internet that they have been categorised for your enjoyment today. The internet makes it possible to search for just about anything you might need, whether it be clips of your favourite band, television shows from the past or even online casinos. That’s right, you can find out about the best casino sites but checking out sites like

Make sure you check out some of the referenced clips in this article for the full Blur experience! It’s possible to download Blur performances as audio and video files so you can watch them for yourself!

September 4, 2015

The Making Of: Blur- The Magic Whip

Watch an excellent documentary about the making of Blur's new album The Magic Whip below. The video, filmed in Hong Kong, stars Alex James, Graham Coxon, Dave Rowntree and Damon Albarn in the recording studio, wandering around Hong Kong's cityscape, performing at various venues and also contains many candid shots of the band.

September 2, 2015

Top 10 Most Overlooked Gorillaz Songs

Gorillaz is coming back in the next year or two, and it's going to be huge. With the virtual band's return confirmed by singer Damon Albarn and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett, the next year will be an exciting one as the successful pop band makes their biggest comeback ever.

Nonetheless, most of the famous Gorillaz tracks have become popular in the mainstream and in soundtracks and playlists. Songs such as Clint Eastwood, Feel Good Inc, 19-2000 and Dare have become so popular that many people automatically type these in their search engines as they discover Gorillaz and their charm.

Here at BlurBalls, we bring you a refreshing list of the top 10 most overlooked, most neglected but amazing Gorillaz songs of all time. These include tracks from their b-side albums and lesser-known tracks from their official albums, as well as other various performances that fans of Gorillaz should check out!

1. Rockit - There's no denying that Rockit is probably the top of the top, and one of the best Gorillaz songs out there that fans should appreciate more. The chorus features 2D rapping and almost talking to the microphone in a monotonous, bored voice. The chorus of "Blah Blah Blah" is absolutely delightful, and we mull over life along with 2D as we listen to this song. It's fantastic and absolutely delightful, a true hidden gem.

2. We Are Happy Landfill - One of the lesser known songs from the album D-Sides, this tune is catchy and upbeat, and is definitely a hidden gem that deserves more attention. Damon Albarn comes off as more raspy and louder than usual, croning his signature lyrics. It's a rough song, but it's terribly good. 

3. Mr Softy's Balloon Race - Probably the least known Gorillaz song on this list, Mr Softy's Balloon Race was originally found on the official Gorillaz website in a record player in one of Russell's rooms. It was later transcribed onto an audio formate and shared across the net, and remains to be one of the cuter, lighter and fluffy Gorillaz songs ever created. 

4. 911- Created by Damon Albarn after the disastrous 9-11 terrorist attacks at the Twin Towers, this song is an epic chilling commemoration at it's best. It's worth listening to simply due to it's relevance in history and it's theme- peace, love and freedom. 

5. Latin Simone (English version) - Who can forget Latin Simone, the single on Gorillaz's first album sang in Spanish. However, this version here is in English, and it's even better in our opinion because it's Damon Albarn. Yes, the one and only Damon Albarn singing makes everything special. 

6. 12D3- We are absolutely loving the lyrics in the song 12D3. 2D sings fantastic lyrics in most of his songs, but in this hidden gem, the lyrics are gentle, soft and yet so meaningful. It's also somewhat trance-like and dreamy, giving this song a unique feel and touch. 

7. Faust - This song is synthetic, peaceful and slightly psychedelic even as the tunes repeat and repeat at the background. The song features a repeating rhythm created from an electronic piano, and features almost no lyrics except at the end when Noodle sings something unknown in Japanese. It's a true hidden gem. 

8. 68 State - This song is purely a non-lyrical tune, and it's extremely catchy and relaxing at the same time. This gem of a track features an electro-pop synth at the background with a repeating tune at the chorus which is rather epic in itself. The fact that 2D's voice doesn't appear makes this track all the worth listening to because it sounds exactly like something in Gorillaz's world- high speed, catchy, fantastic.

9. Film Music- The B-side for Gorillaz's hit single "Tomorrow Comes Today" makes it on the list because of it's unpolished shine and tune. It's worth a listen and it's short and sweet. 

10. Crystallised (The XX Cover)-  Gorillaz did cover The XX's song "Crystallised" in a BBC live session and it's a beautiful cover. Damon Albarn's voice is melancholic, sad and suits this song very well. In fact, we know for a fact that Damon has said that he uses The XX as an inspiration in some of his songwriting!

August 28, 2015

Damon Albarn: Blur, Gorillaz and other Fables - Book Review + Giveaway 2015

Heads up for all Damon Albarn fans- there's a new Damon Albarn biography out in the bookstores and this one is the most up to date, most recent Blur biography of all time.

This fully updated book by authors Martin Roach and David Nolan was published in August 2015. Featuring first-hand interviews with those closest to the musician in his formative years, is the only available dedicated biography of Albarn and covers his multiple musical personas in depth, as well as the Britpop era and the rock star’s re-emergence as the Godfather to the iPod generation.

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Damon Albarn: Blur, Gorillaz and other fables. Out 6th August, Paperback, Music Press, RRP £7.99. 

‘I can’t stand the idea of being a sad, lonely bedsit poet. I’d much rather be perceived as loud and arrogant, because all our sensitivity’s in our records’ - Damon Albarn

From Blur to the virtual band Gorillaz and his unique solo album Everyday Robots, to working with recently deceased Soul legend Bobby Womack, everything Damon Albarn touches turns to success. With The Magic Whip – Blur’s first album in over a decade - released last May, Damon Albarn is once again ready to take his place as an iconic jewel in the crown of the British music scene.

Yet this book documents the musician's struggles, life, love, relationships, origins and musical journey throughout his most formative years. The book follows Damon Albarn through Blur, the Britpop era, to his next musical endeavours, to his life with his partner Suzi and ends with a complete discography encompassing all of the singer's songs up to the year 2015.

This book is a definite must have for any Damon Albarn fan out there who wants an accessible, well-written and thorough book. It's biggest advantage is it's timely relevance- the year 2015 marks the beginning of possible a new chapter in Damon Albarn's musical career, and this book serves as a good memorabilia for the 'new' Blur of 2015.

About the authors: David Nolan is a British television producer and author, specialising in music and popular culture biographies, including the seminal book on the Sex Pistols, ‘I Swear I Was There’.

Martin Roach is a firmly established writer and publisher on all things popular music, having ghost-written several extremely high-profile projects for major publishing houses and owned his own music publishing company

This book is great for both younger fans and to the more serious Albarn fans who want more insight into how the musician developed his career throughout the years.

This book is available on Amazon for purchase.

Alternatively, BlurBalls is bringing you an exclusive chance to win 1 FREE COPY of the book Damon Albarn: Blur, Gorillaz and other fables. Simply enter using the form below and the winner will be chosen in 4 weeks (September 28)! 

August 26, 2015

Damon Albarn Getting Ready for New Gorillaz Album Recording

After Jamie Hewlett launched the 2015 2D versions of Murdoc, Noodle and Russel on Instagram  it immediately started speculations that Gorillaz is going to release a new album.
And lo and behold, Damon Albarn, who is in tour with his other band Blur, confirmed that they are definitely gearing up for a Gorillaz new album.
While in Australia for his tour, Albarn revealed to ABC News that they are actually preparing for the recording, which will most likely going to happen next month.
"I'm starting recording in September for a new Gorillaz record," Albarn admitted. "I've just been really, really busy so I haven't had a chance."
Moreover, Albarn is very excited to go back in the studio and work on new music for Gorillaz.
"I'd love to just get back in to that routine of being at home and coming to the studio five days a week."

He however did not mention about the new album's release date, but there are speculations claiming that it will most likely going to happen next year.
In addition to the new Gorillaz album, Damon Albarn also talked about his other band, Blur.
"I would imagine there's some kind of future, but at the moment there's no time for the future - only the present," he said of Blur's future in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. "Who knows? I'm reluctant to say anything [about Blur], because if I do, it just gets taken out of context and then I'm accused of being a wind-up."
And while the new Gorillaz album has been well thought of, Albarn confessed that Blur's "The Magic Whip" album on the other hand was made spontaneously after the band took a break.
"It was very easy because we did it over a period of five days in Hong Kong," Albarn said.
"And we didn't tell anyone, didn't have any sort of agenda really, we just jammed.
"So it was a very pleasurable and fluid session."

August 13, 2015

London Calling- New Blur Podcast 2015

New Blur podcast alert! Music Heritage UK, a charity which exists to promote, protect and preserve UK's popular music heritage recently launched a podcast on the Camden Town and its role in the birth of Britpop, featuring Alison Wise who runs the London 'Camden Rock n Roll Walking Tour'.

This new podcast is a great listen, and there's plenty on Blur in there!

August 4, 2015

Damon Albarn Performs "Song 2" for First Time Without Blur

Damon Albarn is currently touring in support of his solo album, Everyday Robots, released in April this year.

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Last night, at a show in Boston, he and his band played Blur's 1997 hit "Song 2" without his bandmates for the first time. According to The Guardian, it's the first time Albarn has performed the song without Blur, and the first time he's played it on the current tour. Albarn was wearing an elephant hat thrown on stage by a fan, according to NME.

June 15, 2015

Blur perform Tender on Jimmy Fallon

Blur perform an excellent, touching acoustic version of Tender from their album '13' in the backstage of the Jimmy Fallon show earlier last month. The band looks extremely relaxed and chilled, and this is probably the best live version of Tender we've seen in the last few years. Hope you enjoy the share!

June 10, 2015

Blur- Ong Ong acoustic version

We are currently loving the song Ong Ong from Blur's newest album. Here's some footage of the song performed on sessions live in May 2015. Blur performs a refreshing light acoustic version of their new song, which is perhaps the best little gem on their new album The Magic Whip.

What's your favourite song from The Magic Whip?

What's your favourite song from The Magic Whip?


June 8, 2015

Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon talk about recording

Watch a new interview where the band talks about recording at Abbey Road studios. The video contains some refreshing footage of Damon and Graham looking young and energetic.

June 6, 2015

Watch Blur- Ong Ong Music Video - Love it or hate it?

The new video for Blur's new single Ong Ong features an orange in a retro video game, with the band dressed up as various insects, ice-cream cones and an unidentifiable red object. It's a different style of video compared to the band's previous release Lonesome Street and Go Out, which features live footage of real people. Check out the video below!


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May 8, 2015

10 things you didn't know about The Magic Whip

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  1. Blur produced this album secretly in Hong Kong, when they were there for tour in 2014. Graham Coxon even revealed that he had to lie to friends and family in order to keep their new album secret.
  2. In May of 2013, Blur were set to play Japan's Tokyo Rocks Music festival. However, the entire festival was cancelled for unknown reasons, leaving the band stranded in Hong Kong for an extra 5 days. The result of this extra 5 days of studio work is the new album, where Albarn later stated he was unsure whether the resulting music would ever be released.
  3. Stephen Street, the producer of The Magic Whip, actually produced Blur's first album 'Leisure' and several other subsequent albums. He had a fall-out with the band a few years ago where there was a mini-feud between him, William Orbit and other Blur members. 
  4. The Magic Whip is band's first studio album since Think Tank (2003), marking the longest gap between two studio albums in their career.
  5. Stephen Street actually plays keyboard in several of Blur's live performances as part of their new 2015 tour. See this video for Stephen on the keyboards! 
  6. The cover of the album features the Chinese words of 模糊 魔鞭, which translates into "Blur Magic-whip". The artist, Tony Hung, who also created the lyric video for "Go Out",  met with frontman Damon Albarn in early 2015 to discuss the album artwork and was shown photos and ephemera from the singer's travels in Hong Kong.
  7. Damon Albarn has always enjoyed featuring Asian cities or Chinese elements in his songs. His hit from Gorillaz- Hong Kong- was also about the city, as is the whole of The Magic Whip. The song 'Ong Ong' in particular is also a tribute to Hong Kong. 
  8. Graham Coxon said that The Magic Whip is his favourite Blur album of all time. His reason? "It's poignant – a lot of what Damon [Albarn]'s saying with the lyrics would maybe resonate with someone who's my age, feeling dislocated by technology but also slightly enslaved by it, and worried about where it's all going to end up. I feel like he's saying the stuff that I feel". 
  9. The Magic Whip actually contains only half of the songs that Damon Albarn has written in Hong Kong. Alex James has revealed that the band have enough material to release another new album, having only used half of the tracks they wrote for 'The Magic Whip'.
  10. Damon Albarn’s voice has changed a lot, evident in his new album. His voice matured from a more high-pitched voice to a deeper, raspier and melancholic voice which conveys the feeling of the Magic Whip well. It's probably why the new album received very positive critical reviews. 
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10 facts blur, 10 facts blur new album, 10 things you didn't know about The Magic Whip, blur magic whip facts, facts magic whip,

May 6, 2015

Graham Coxon and Stephen Street Interview

Here's a great little interview about Blur's Hong Kong sessions and recording their newest album The Magic Whip. Graham Coxon and Stephen Street talks about their latest collaboration and feelings towards the album.

May 4, 2015

Blur at UK Number 1 for New Album

The Magic Whip, Blur's first album since 2003 has topped the UK Top Album chart in May 2015. It's currently at number 1 on the list. This is the group's first number one album in 12 years. 
They knocked out last week's chart topper Josh Groban's Stages, into fourth place.
The album chart saw little in the way of new entries aside from Blur, with Scottish twins The Proclaimers scoring the second highest new entry with Let's Hear it for the Dogs debuting at number 26. Taylor Swift's 1989 was at number two, followed by James Bay's Chaos and the Calm at three. 

May 3, 2015

April 21, 2015

Blur Ong Ong Lyrics

(La la la)
I got on a boat on a hot sunny day
To get out of this town
But the tarmac was melting and the people seemed to sway(?)
Stuck in the underground
To the isle of (?) rainclouds and (?) wishing tree
I wanna be with you
On the slow boat that lands on misty sea
I wanna be with you
I pulled out the harbour with precession behind and i'm
feeling the love of you
So you better get to charge until i see you again
You know just what to do
If you're caught up in the (?) junk boat sea
I wanna be with you
On a hill where the mountains are high trapeze
I wanna be with you
Ooh, nah nah, aaaah
If you're a landlord, the social (?)
I wanna be with you
On an isle of regret/rainclouds & (?) seas
I will be there with you
(La la la) I wanna be with you

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April 17, 2015

New Blur song review- Ong Ong

Rating: 5/5

Quite possibly our favourite song on Blur's new album The Magic Whip, the new song 'Ong Ong', premiered live on Jools Holland's show on April 14th is simply gob-smacking. It's a perfect, summery and light tune, where Damon sings his lyrics "I wanna be with you" behind a chanting "La La La La".

The melody is top-notch, with it's soothing and melodic tune. Graham Coxon's guitar shines as he gives out his best performance so far, and Damon Albarn's voice is very fitting for the song. The backup singers were also very fitted for the song, giving it a full sound unlike Lonesome Street, Blur's other single.

The Hong Kong and Asian theme is also evident in the song, where there's an interlude between choruses where an exotic tune is played.

All in all, Ong Ong is similar to something between a Beatles song crossed with Blur's tunes from Modern Life is Rubbish. It's absolutely a gem and we are sure it will be a crowd favourite in Blur's Hyde Park performance later on in the year.

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April 16, 2015

Blur- I Broadcast lyrics

Blur - I Broadcast LYRICS

I love the aspects of another city
The representatives are alright
Its such an amazing mistake at a time
Waking up and seeing the industrialize light
Goes on another day
All for a cold sore
Something I know nothing
I love the aspects of another city
They got you another in your blood type
It doesn't make another closure
The apparitions of another prodigal night
I broadcast
Goes on another day
All for a high score
Something I know nothing

What you said it
I got it
I got it
I broadcast
Goes on for another day now
All for an encore
Something I know nothing

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April 15, 2015

Blur premier new songs Ong Ong and I Broadcast- Jools Holland

Blur showcased two songs, 'Ong Ong' and 'I Broadcast', from their forthcoming album Magic Whip, which is their first in 12 years and is due for release on 27 April 2015. The new songs form part of their new album's "Hong Kong" theme.

Damon Albarn looked like he's in great condition, showing off his signature British menswear and a leather jacket. Alex James looks his usual best in a white shirt and hair shaking, and the other two members of the band Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree was in their usual form. The show also featured other bands such as The Vaccines performing new upcoming singles.

blur new song 2015, blur ong ong, blur ong ong lyrics, blur ong ong mp3, blur ong ong review,

Watch Blur live on Jools Holland (BBC Two) - I Broadcast

Blur performing Ong Ong

Which song do you prefer?

April 8, 2015

Designing the perfect room to enjoy your music when living in a flat

Whether the sheer orchestral beauty of Beethoven or the grungy kaleidoscope of psychedelic rock draws you in, cranking up the stereo and giving in to complete aural surrender is nothing short of bliss. If music doesn’t immortalise our memories, captivate our minds and souls, then what does? Music gives us that happy place we can escape to, whether it’s on the go or relaxing after a long day at work.

Sound and space

If you covet your sound system, you will most likely arrange your space to accommodate your musical passion. If you’re a musician or DJ, you’ll no doubt have your own room or corner studio set up. How can you construct the perfect musical space?

Many of us are fairly limited in our possibilities, partly because we tend to live in small accommodation. A massive stereo system will not have optimal sound in a small space because it requires specific physical measurements and characteristics to work acoustically. That isn’t to say you can’t soak up the modal goodness of the jazz greats, however. Wooden floors, panelled walls and limited objects and clutter allow better sound, but it’s also important to consider what happens on the exterior of the room as well.

If you’re living in a quiet neighbourhood – or even a noisy one – keeping your sound system contained is a courtesy you owe all your neighbours who may not share your affection for Adam Ant at 3 in the morning. Soundproofing is not only about being kind but also about getting to enjoy your greatest hits albums with peace of mind. Here’s what you need to do:

·       Make sure floors are well insulated. Carpets and thick underlay do an excellent job of absorbing sound. You can also purchase special acoustic sealant to use around floors and walls.

·       Walls can be soundproofed by cavity wall insulation, or for smaller budgets, blown mineral fibre insulation. You can also find soundproof panels to install directly on the walls.

·       Acoustic mineral wool, acoustic plasterboard and soundproofing mats can also be used to reduce “flanking noise” (the indirect path of sound waves which escape into nooks and crannies).

Windows are another big issue with soundproofing, and should also be sealed properly. Ideally, homes should be fitted with double-glazed windows, which also offer the added bonus of keeping the heat in during winter and saving on energy. When properly installed, sealed, and shut, with the help of solid shutters, sound will remain contained.


Just as importantly, optimising your music experience also means setting up a layout that is comfortable and welcoming – a cosy seating area, storage for your CDs, vinyls, tapes, and other media as well as the entertainment system you’re using. There are all kinds of dynamic ways to rearrange a room – with a little incentive; you can bring into fruition your own little space you can escape to every day. Your ears and your neighbours will thank you.