April 21, 2015

Blur Ong Ong Lyrics

(La la la)
I got on a boat on a hot sunny day
To get out of this town
But the tarmac was melting and the people seemed to sway(?)
Stuck in the underground
To the isle of (?) rainclouds and (?) wishing tree
I wanna be with you
On the slow boat that lands on misty sea
I wanna be with you
I pulled out the harbour with precession behind and i'm
feeling the love of you
So you better get to charge until i see you again
You know just what to do
If you're caught up in the (?) junk boat sea
I wanna be with you
On a hill where the mountains are high trapeze
I wanna be with you
Ooh, nah nah, aaaah
If you're a landlord, the social (?)
I wanna be with you
On an isle of regret/rainclouds & (?) seas
I will be there with you
(La la la) I wanna be with you

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April 17, 2015

New Blur song review- Ong Ong

Rating: 5/5

Quite possibly our favourite song on Blur's new album The Magic Whip, the new song 'Ong Ong', premiered live on Jools Holland's show on April 14th is simply gob-smacking. It's a perfect, summery and light tune, where Damon sings his lyrics "I wanna be with you" behind a chanting "La La La La".

The melody is top-notch, with it's soothing and melodic tune. Graham Coxon's guitar shines as he gives out his best performance so far, and Damon Albarn's voice is very fitting for the song. The backup singers were also very fitted for the song, giving it a full sound unlike Lonesome Street, Blur's other single.

The Hong Kong and Asian theme is also evident in the song, where there's an interlude between choruses where an exotic tune is played.

All in all, Ong Ong is similar to something between a Beatles song crossed with Blur's tunes from Modern Life is Rubbish. It's absolutely a gem and we are sure it will be a crowd favourite in Blur's Hyde Park performance later on in the year.

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