I'm Blurdamongorgeous on the blur forums.

This is my project to start a Blur website that keeps all fans, music lovers and Blur friends updated on the world of Damon, Graham, Alex and Dave.

Ever since watching The Universal on youtube when I was 11 years old, I've always remembered Blur. Damon left a huge impression on me back then ("the man with the scary eyes...") but I only began seriously getting into Blur when I was 15 years old.

That was in 2009, and I've been a fan of Blur and all the boy's projects since. 

I'm disappointed about how all Blur sites have closed down/expired/broken/outdated. This one will stick. Feel free to leave me a comment or message me anytime about feedback, updates and anything you fancy.

Site Updates
  • 21/6/11: Added "News Archive" page for all past posts. Added page numbers to bottom navigation.
  • 24/4/12: Added Facebook comments for all post
  • 12/7/12: Removed Facebook comments, added IntenseDebate comment form
  • 25/7/12: Added Disqus. Added footer, revamped bottom of site. Added copyright 
  • 10/3/12: "Fun Stuff" section edited to a collage gallery of all posters
  • 29/2/12: Edited "Discography" - added Compilations  
  • 25/1/12: Added Blur Must Haves widget from Amazon.com
  • 22/1/12: Removed large obstructive Ads
  • 25/2/11: Added Caption Contest Winner page
  • 15/2/11: Added Linkswithin below each post for 5 posts
  • 13/2/11: Merged promotional video with "About" page. Added Discography page. 
  • 10/2/11: Changed to custom domain www.blurballs.com from blogger domain.

BlurBalls.com shoutout and hello from BBC Radio 6 

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