July 30, 2021

Damon Albarn on his Manchester Comeback

Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn has described his return to the stage as "kind of like getting back into a dating game". 

Albarn performed as part of the Manchester International Festival 2 weeks ago for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking at Manchester Central, he said: "These places need to be alive and if it's OK for Wembley to have 60,000 people, then it's definitely alright for this to have 10,000 people."

Watch a video below for an interview before his Manchester performance. 

July 21, 2021

How To Clean While Listening to Blur Music- LeJoy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

With the amount of time spent at home listening to Blur music, my house is getting pretty dirty and messy. Working from home isn't easy, but today I want to share a robot vacuum cleaner that I used to speed up my cleaning process.

LeJoy is a new brand selling robot vacuum cleaners, something that I've always wanted to try. Seriously, vacuuming takes me a long time and these gadgets have been around for years. I've never quite managed to save up enough to buy one, but this LD20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is affordable (only around 290 GBP on Amazon) and shipping only took a day for Prime members.

This is my honest review of the robot vacuum cleaner, which came in a compact, beautiful box. Take a look below! 

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For starters, this vacuum cleaner is ultra quiet. It enables me to listen to Damon Albarn singing while it cleans- yes it's that quiet. My normal vacuum cleaner was cheap and inefficient, and was so loud that it hurts my ears. This little device saved me from so much time! In terms of the power, the vacuum cleaner is strong enough to suck up all the dust from my carpets, and the hairs lying around. The rotating brushes picks up small pieces of dirt and does really well with cleaning crumbs and little bits of food on the floor.

This cleaner doubles up as a mop too, so it's fantastic if you have hard floors. Living in the UK means that there are lots of dust and dirt around the air, especially being in a city- vacuuming is such a chore. Overall, I'd rate this cleaner a 9/10 and would recommend it as an addition to any house. Note that it can't clean the whole house by itself as it's quite a compact package, so you'd probably add it to a cleaning routine rather than use it to replace your existing vacuum. 

Use FLOW15 for 15% off Lejoy! 

Note: this is a sponsored post. Blurballs may have received compensation for the review but all opinions are completely honest and genuine. 

July 8, 2021

Graham Coxon Revisits Modern Life Is Rubbish in 2021

Watch Graham Coxon talk about his love for Modern Life is Rubbish in a little snippet of nostalgia! Hope you Blur fans enjoy this gem of a video!  

July 1, 2021

Damon Albarn performs Aries Live

 Old news, but gold news nonetheless. Watch Damon Albarn perform "Aries" in one of his best live performances in a long time.

Interview with Veikko from Veikko's Blur Page - vblurpage.com

For long-time fans of Blur, we all know that there has been a host of Blur fan sites that have come and go over the last 10-12 years since the Internet began to bloom. Some pages have stayed (like this one!) but most Blur fan sites have disappeared off the internet. We are fortunate to talk to the founders of one of the biggest Blur fan sites in existence- Veikko's Blur Page

Founded by Veikko, the Blur site is regularly updated with Blur news plus the band's latest musical offerings and discography. The best part of the site is that it hosts a Blur forum where fans can gather and share their love of the band. Some fans may remember that the official Blur website used to contain a discussion forum which was shut down after Blur announced their comeback a few years ago. 

Read on for an exclusive interview with Veikko, who talks about his love for Blur and what inspires him to run one of the biggest Blur fan sites out there. 

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1) How did you get into Blur? 

I first saw the videos of "Girls & Boys" and "Country House" on MTV, and a few months later my mum bought me The Great Escape album as a Christmas present. I got hooked to the album's diverse music style and started to explore the band's back catalogue with a wide smile.

2) Name your 3 favourite Blur songs and why! 

1. The Universal - a perfect song with a great arrangement. 

2. Tender - another beautiful classic. 

3. Beetlebum - a magical and brave tune. Love the guitar work!

3) How do you think the Blur fans community has changed over the years? 

I don't think it has changed at all, and that's a good thing! 

4) What inspires you to keep running VBlurPage? 

New releases and live shows from Blur and related artists like Gorillaz, feedback and support from fans, contributions (pictures, setlists etc.) that I can add to my site.

I want to say huge thanks to Moritz, Ewa, Diego and VĂ­tek for providing me with a huge amount of material over the last few years. 

5) How do you encourage people to use your forums and what kind of blur fans are there? 

I try my best to keep the forums a nice and safe place for discussion. Forums may be out of fashion, but I think they are still the best platform to have discussions. It helps that most of the people on my board are very nice and moderation is very rarely needed. 

6) What do you think Blur will do in the future? 

My guess is that they will do a few live shows in 2022 or 2023. 

7) What do you think Blur fan sites should focus more on? 

There are no bosses in this hobby, so just do what you enjoy to do! :)

VBlurpage: http://www.vblurpage.com