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April 21, 2015

Blur Ong Ong Lyrics

(La la la)
I got on a boat on a hot sunny day
To get out of this town
But the tarmac was melting and the people seemed to sway(?)
Stuck in the underground
To the isle of (?) rainclouds and (?) wishing tree
I wanna be with you
On the slow boat that lands on misty sea
I wanna be with you
I pulled out the harbour with precession behind and i'm
feeling the love of you
So you better get to charge until i see you again
You know just what to do
If you're caught up in the (?) junk boat sea
I wanna be with you
On a hill where the mountains are high trapeze
I wanna be with you
Ooh, nah nah, aaaah
If you're a landlord, the social (?)
I wanna be with you
On an isle of regret/rainclouds & (?) seas
I will be there with you
(La la la) I wanna be with you

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April 17, 2015

New Blur song review- Ong Ong

Rating: 5/5

Quite possibly our favourite song on Blur's new album The Magic Whip, the new song 'Ong Ong', premiered live on Jools Holland's show on April 14th is simply gob-smacking. It's a perfect, summery and light tune, where Damon sings his lyrics "I wanna be with you" behind a chanting "La La La La".

The melody is top-notch, with it's soothing and melodic tune. Graham Coxon's guitar shines as he gives out his best performance so far, and Damon Albarn's voice is very fitting for the song. The backup singers were also very fitted for the song, giving it a full sound unlike Lonesome Street, Blur's other single.

The Hong Kong and Asian theme is also evident in the song, where there's an interlude between choruses where an exotic tune is played.

All in all, Ong Ong is similar to something between a Beatles song crossed with Blur's tunes from Modern Life is Rubbish. It's absolutely a gem and we are sure it will be a crowd favourite in Blur's Hyde Park performance later on in the year.

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April 16, 2015

Blur- I Broadcast lyrics

Blur - I Broadcast LYRICS

I love the aspects of another city
The representatives are alright
Its such an amazing mistake at a time
Waking up and seeing the industrialize light
Goes on another day
All for a cold sore
Something I know nothing
I love the aspects of another city
They got you another in your blood type
It doesn't make another closure
The apparitions of another prodigal night
I broadcast
Goes on another day
All for a high score
Something I know nothing

What you said it
I got it
I got it
I broadcast
Goes on for another day now
All for an encore
Something I know nothing

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April 15, 2015

Blur premier new songs Ong Ong and I Broadcast- Jools Holland

Blur showcased two songs, 'Ong Ong' and 'I Broadcast', from their forthcoming album Magic Whip, which is their first in 12 years and is due for release on 27 April 2015. The new songs form part of their new album's "Hong Kong" theme.

Damon Albarn looked like he's in great condition, showing off his signature British menswear and a leather jacket. Alex James looks his usual best in a white shirt and hair shaking, and the other two members of the band Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree was in their usual form. The show also featured other bands such as The Vaccines performing new upcoming singles.

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Watch Blur live on Jools Holland (BBC Two) - I Broadcast

Blur performing Ong Ong

Which song do you prefer?

April 8, 2015

Designing the perfect room to enjoy your music when living in a flat

Whether the sheer orchestral beauty of Beethoven or the grungy kaleidoscope of psychedelic rock draws you in, cranking up the stereo and giving in to complete aural surrender is nothing short of bliss. If music doesn’t immortalise our memories, captivate our minds and souls, then what does? Music gives us that happy place we can escape to, whether it’s on the go or relaxing after a long day at work.

Sound and space

If you covet your sound system, you will most likely arrange your space to accommodate your musical passion. If you’re a musician or DJ, you’ll no doubt have your own room or corner studio set up. How can you construct the perfect musical space?

Many of us are fairly limited in our possibilities, partly because we tend to live in small accommodation. A massive stereo system will not have optimal sound in a small space because it requires specific physical measurements and characteristics to work acoustically. That isn’t to say you can’t soak up the modal goodness of the jazz greats, however. Wooden floors, panelled walls and limited objects and clutter allow better sound, but it’s also important to consider what happens on the exterior of the room as well.

If you’re living in a quiet neighbourhood – or even a noisy one – keeping your sound system contained is a courtesy you owe all your neighbours who may not share your affection for Adam Ant at 3 in the morning. Soundproofing is not only about being kind but also about getting to enjoy your greatest hits albums with peace of mind. Here’s what you need to do:

·       Make sure floors are well insulated. Carpets and thick underlay do an excellent job of absorbing sound. You can also purchase special acoustic sealant to use around floors and walls.

·       Walls can be soundproofed by cavity wall insulation, or for smaller budgets, blown mineral fibre insulation. You can also find soundproof panels to install directly on the walls.

·       Acoustic mineral wool, acoustic plasterboard and soundproofing mats can also be used to reduce “flanking noise” (the indirect path of sound waves which escape into nooks and crannies).

Windows are another big issue with soundproofing, and should also be sealed properly. Ideally, homes should be fitted with double-glazed windows, which also offer the added bonus of keeping the heat in during winter and saving on energy. When properly installed, sealed, and shut, with the help of solid shutters, sound will remain contained.


Just as importantly, optimising your music experience also means setting up a layout that is comfortable and welcoming – a cosy seating area, storage for your CDs, vinyls, tapes, and other media as well as the entertainment system you’re using. There are all kinds of dynamic ways to rearrange a room – with a little incentive; you can bring into fruition your own little space you can escape to every day. Your ears and your neighbours will thank you.


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