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September 24, 2015

Must watch Blur Clips

Whether you’re a life-long fan of Blur, or you’ve only just discovered what it is to live in a Chemical World, there’s always some interest to be found in clips of some of the band’s most exciting and dynamic performances. Here are just a few of the best clips of the band for you to watch now.

To begin with, in July of this year, Frontman Damon Albarn delighted and surprised attendees of the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark when he refused to stop playing his set and had to be forcibly removed from the stage. Albarn had been playing for 5 hours solid before being told by the organisers to wrap it up at 4am. Amid chants from the crowd of “We Want More”, a security guard climbed on stage, lifted Albarn over his shoulder and carried him off. This incident was recorded and was reported on by several newspapers, and is definitely worth a watch.

Another fantastic clip is of Blur a very early Blur performance in 1993, still young and fresh faced, performing Chemical World at Germany’s Rocklife concert, nicely warming up the stage for Duran Duran. However, the band got a little bit carried away with themselves, becoming slightly too energetic, resulting in Graham Coxon’s guitar becoming unplugged mid set. Luckily, Albarn sees the funny side, telling the crowd: "Don't jump too high, OK kids?"

If you’re after rare, hardly seen footage of the band then you’re in luck, as earlier this year MOJO published some rare footage of a small, intimate concert which was played on May the 1st in the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. This includes a performance of their track Lonesome Street, which prior to MOJO’s release had not been seen anywhere.

Finally, make sure you check out the phenomenal performance of Tender, live at Hyde Park in 2009. This gig marks Graham Coxon’s return to the band following a 6 year break, and the excitement and revitalisation in the band during this reunion gig is palpable.

Many of these clips might not have been seen by some people, and it is only thanks to the internet that they have been categorised for your enjoyment today. The internet makes it possible to search for just about anything you might need, whether it be clips of your favourite band, television shows from the past or even online casinos. That’s right, you can find out about the best casino sites but checking out sites like

Make sure you check out some of the referenced clips in this article for the full Blur experience! It’s possible to download Blur performances as audio and video files so you can watch them for yourself!

September 4, 2015

The Making Of: Blur- The Magic Whip

Watch an excellent documentary about the making of Blur's new album The Magic Whip below. The video, filmed in Hong Kong, stars Alex James, Graham Coxon, Dave Rowntree and Damon Albarn in the recording studio, wandering around Hong Kong's cityscape, performing at various venues and also contains many candid shots of the band.

September 2, 2015

Top 10 Most Overlooked Gorillaz Songs

Gorillaz is coming back in the next year or two, and it's going to be huge. With the virtual band's return confirmed by singer Damon Albarn and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett, the next year will be an exciting one as the successful pop band makes their biggest comeback ever.

Nonetheless, most of the famous Gorillaz tracks have become popular in the mainstream and in soundtracks and playlists. Songs such as Clint Eastwood, Feel Good Inc, 19-2000 and Dare have become so popular that many people automatically type these in their search engines as they discover Gorillaz and their charm.

Here at BlurBalls, we bring you a refreshing list of the top 10 most overlooked, most neglected but amazing Gorillaz songs of all time. These include tracks from their b-side albums and lesser-known tracks from their official albums, as well as other various performances that fans of Gorillaz should check out!

1. Rockit - There's no denying that Rockit is probably the top of the top, and one of the best Gorillaz songs out there that fans should appreciate more. The chorus features 2D rapping and almost talking to the microphone in a monotonous, bored voice. The chorus of "Blah Blah Blah" is absolutely delightful, and we mull over life along with 2D as we listen to this song. It's fantastic and absolutely delightful, a true hidden gem.

2. We Are Happy Landfill - One of the lesser known songs from the album D-Sides, this tune is catchy and upbeat, and is definitely a hidden gem that deserves more attention. Damon Albarn comes off as more raspy and louder than usual, croning his signature lyrics. It's a rough song, but it's terribly good. 

3. Mr Softy's Balloon Race - Probably the least known Gorillaz song on this list, Mr Softy's Balloon Race was originally found on the official Gorillaz website in a record player in one of Russell's rooms. It was later transcribed onto an audio formate and shared across the net, and remains to be one of the cuter, lighter and fluffy Gorillaz songs ever created. 

4. 911- Created by Damon Albarn after the disastrous 9-11 terrorist attacks at the Twin Towers, this song is an epic chilling commemoration at it's best. It's worth listening to simply due to it's relevance in history and it's theme- peace, love and freedom. 

5. Latin Simone (English version) - Who can forget Latin Simone, the single on Gorillaz's first album sang in Spanish. However, this version here is in English, and it's even better in our opinion because it's Damon Albarn. Yes, the one and only Damon Albarn singing makes everything special. 

6. 12D3- We are absolutely loving the lyrics in the song 12D3. 2D sings fantastic lyrics in most of his songs, but in this hidden gem, the lyrics are gentle, soft and yet so meaningful. It's also somewhat trance-like and dreamy, giving this song a unique feel and touch. 

7. Faust - This song is synthetic, peaceful and slightly psychedelic even as the tunes repeat and repeat at the background. The song features a repeating rhythm created from an electronic piano, and features almost no lyrics except at the end when Noodle sings something unknown in Japanese. It's a true hidden gem. 

8. 68 State - This song is purely a non-lyrical tune, and it's extremely catchy and relaxing at the same time. This gem of a track features an electro-pop synth at the background with a repeating tune at the chorus which is rather epic in itself. The fact that 2D's voice doesn't appear makes this track all the worth listening to because it sounds exactly like something in Gorillaz's world- high speed, catchy, fantastic.

9. Film Music- The B-side for Gorillaz's hit single "Tomorrow Comes Today" makes it on the list because of it's unpolished shine and tune. It's worth a listen and it's short and sweet. 

10. Crystallised (The XX Cover)-  Gorillaz did cover The XX's song "Crystallised" in a BBC live session and it's a beautiful cover. Damon Albarn's voice is melancholic, sad and suits this song very well. In fact, we know for a fact that Damon has said that he uses The XX as an inspiration in some of his songwriting!


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