September 24, 2015

Must watch Blur Clips

Whether you’re a life-long fan of Blur, or you’ve only just discovered what it is to live in a Chemical World, there’s always some interest to be found in clips of some of the band’s most exciting and dynamic performances. Here are just a few of the best clips of the band for you to watch now.

To begin with, in July of this year, Frontman Damon Albarn delighted and surprised attendees of the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark when he refused to stop playing his set and had to be forcibly removed from the stage. Albarn had been playing for 5 hours solid before being told by the organisers to wrap it up at 4am. Amid chants from the crowd of “We Want More”, a security guard climbed on stage, lifted Albarn over his shoulder and carried him off. This incident was recorded and was reported on by several newspapers, and is definitely worth a watch.

Another fantastic clip is of Blur a very early Blur performance in 1993, still young and fresh faced, performing Chemical World at Germany’s Rocklife concert, nicely warming up the stage for Duran Duran. However, the band got a little bit carried away with themselves, becoming slightly too energetic, resulting in Graham Coxon’s guitar becoming unplugged mid set. Luckily, Albarn sees the funny side, telling the crowd: "Don't jump too high, OK kids?"

If you’re after rare, hardly seen footage of the band then you’re in luck, as earlier this year MOJO published some rare footage of a small, intimate concert which was played on May the 1st in the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. This includes a performance of their track Lonesome Street, which prior to MOJO’s release had not been seen anywhere.

Finally, make sure you check out the phenomenal performance of Tender, live at Hyde Park in 2009. This gig marks Graham Coxon’s return to the band following a 6 year break, and the excitement and revitalisation in the band during this reunion gig is palpable.

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Make sure you check out some of the referenced clips in this article for the full Blur experience! It’s possible to download Blur performances as audio and video files so you can watch them for yourself!


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