August 17, 2012

Top 10 things to check out -Blur Hyde Park Olympics 2012 Gig Special

Special Report - Post- Olympic Blur Craze: Top 10 things to do after Hyde Park 

Things to do after Blur's Hyde Park gig - this week, we sum up the top hottest, must-see, must-have Blur items and releases for the die hard fans / lucky fans who went / those who missed the performance , or anyone who's interested in getting a piece of post- Olympic music action (including ourselves over here at BlurBalls!):

1) Blur - Parklive (Live)

The digital audio release of Blur's massive, sold out Hyde Park gig on August 12th 2012. Just in the for the end of London's glorious Olympics event. Both fans who went and fans who didn't will be able to re-live the experience of one of the band's finest show. Physical CD plus DVD will be released in November. Highlights include Caramel (live) and Song 2 (live) - the latter replaced 'The Puritan' in an unexpected Damon decision.  

Get it here on iTunes store now. 

2) Hyde Park merchandise 

We're not advertising anything but personally, these new cool Blur shirts are very worth getting. They're beautiful, bold and represent Blur's Hyde Park 2012 gig. Makes great gifts, pyjamas, workout clothes, casual clothes, party outfits, jogging suit... and they're going to be great memorabilia for years to come. You can even get the Hyde Park poster in full large size to stick up your wall, or have it framed to add to your collection. We're loving the Hyde Park navy shirt most! 

Visit Blur's official shop here. 

3) Admire the #BlurHydePark2012 photo stream 

Very worth checking out - as fans watched live that day, they tweeted and posted pictures on Instagram, and the tag "#blurhydepark2012" automatically added their posts to a beautiful stream of images on Blur's official site. Just load the page and watch endless Blur images pop out everywhere... literally Blur heaven right here. Plus for fans who didn't go, you can easily re-live the gig by vicarious experience. Hey, better than nothing right ? 

Jump to the Blur Hyde Park photostream here.  

4) Watch snippets on Youtube

Since the physical Blur: Parklife (Live at Hyde Park 2012) CD isn't released until November, we have to rely on our number one source: Youtube. This user (click here) has several well-recorded tracks including 'Tender' , "Girls and Boys' and 'Country House' which you can view. Alternatively, you can just do a simple search. And since we try to make Blur things simpler for you...

Click here to watch Blur at Hyde Park (Youtube) 

5) Get a piece of actual Hyde Park memorabilia - Milky Carton and Posters

No one knows what goes on in ebay after gigs - except that the occasional seller (who attends gigs and doesn't know any Blur song, or thinks the lead singer is called "Damien" and is wondering why there aren't any Gorillaz songs being played) and fans who put stuff up for sale.

The Hyde Park gig has some surprises - a milky carton was given out as live memorabilia for the audience.

It's the one from 'Coffee and TV' and measures 9 inch by 4 inches! One of them appeared on ebay - and it is indeed very cute. Belongs to any collector's desk, so bid when prices are still low. We're also guessing there will be more rare things on ebay soon - especially as Blur cools down their engines.

Check out the milk carton on ebay now.

6) Blur Hyde Park 2012 Image Gallery 

Feast your eyes on this set of high quality, high resolution professional Blur pictures - there's lots more circulating around the internet but 'Blur Peru''s  album is by far the most comprehensive and fullest one out there. 

Did we mention how the boys are looking better and better recently? Highlights include Damon screaming on top of his lungs and Alex James looking cool.  The kings of Britpop are 'Young and Lovely' again. 

View HQ Blur Hyde Park Photos here 
View NME's Blur gallery here.

7) Reviews, Reviews and More Reviews 

Lots of reviews of the Blur Hyde Park 2012 Closing Ceremony gig. Recommended reviews to read include: 

8) Download the audio and Damon's interview before the show 

In our review, we have cool pictures, fun facts, videos and audio download links (also in 'Downloads' section) available for the show all in one neat summary. Plus you get to hear Damon Albarn talk about Korean pop music, Japanese pop music and British pop music. Straight from the pop star's mouth. How interesting. 

Check out our previous review on Blur's Hyde Park Olympics gig. 

9) How much did Blur get paid for the London Olympics Hyde Park gig ? 

So how much exactly did Damon Albarn and the gang earn this time? Millions ? Thousands of pounds? Or was it much more? We read it, we know the answer. But now it is your turn to find out. The topic made the news on several online sources, and is quite an interesting (and rather unexpected) insight. 

Snoop in on how much Blur earned this time here.  

What's next for Blur ? 

10) Put Blur on shuffle 

Lastly, go back and listen to Blur's catalogue of songs, b-sides and other tracks again. They're going to sound better than ever with the recent remastered CDs and the new memories, sounds, experiences and aftertastes of Blur's memorable Hyde Park Olympics gig. 

If it is indeed Blur's last gig ever, as rumoured, then it's well worth going through our list and re-live this wonderful gig the band has brought to us. It has been a blur and there's a lot of new Blur material to swallow, not including the recent Blur: 21 unreleased tracks and remasters! 

Go - and complete these 10 Blur post-Olympic tasks. 

Brought to you by Blurballs - August 17th 2012 

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