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April 26, 2014

Aiden Grimshaw- Tender cover (Blur)

Former X Factor contestant and solo singer Aiden Grimshaw (or commonly known as Aiden ) has covered Blur's classic 'Tender' to mark the 20 year anniversary of Britpop. Scroll down to watch his cover.

The 'Is This Love' star was just 3 years old when Britpop began in 1994, and only 8 when Blur released 'Tender' in 1999. Grimshaw has delivered a strong rendition of the track, however, with only a guitarist to accompany him.


April 22, 2014

The real reason why Blur cancelled on Australia's Big Day Out

A Big Day Out promoter says Blur pulled out of this year's music festival because members of the reformed Britpop act were having "fisticuffs" (fights) while on tour last year.

 It's the latest round in an ongoing dispute between the band and the annual Australasian music event that started when Blur pulled out of their headlining slots, despite having their own personalised stage built at every venue.

 Two weeks ago, Damon Albarn told TimeOut Blur cancelled over fears the shows - which he said would have been Blur's last - wouldn't be as "spiritually conclusive as we hoped they would be". "They [the organisers] weren't being straight with me about things, which they needed to be, and at that point I became disillusioned because I didn't want what we'd done throughout the year, with Blur, to be undermined or tarnished in any way, by a show that wasn't going to be what we wanted to do," Albarn said.

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But Big Day Out co-promoter AJ Maddah has hit back at those claims, telling Australian website The Vine the band's four members "didn't want to see each other". "The fact (is) that the band (was) having fisticuffs on tour in South America. And that's why they cancelled the tour because they don't want to see each other. "Damon has a solo record coming out. The other three members were desperate to come out. You know, Graham (Coxon) and the other guys wanted to do it. Essentially Damon cancelled the tour."

 In excerpts of the interview, which is billed as "exclusive" and hasn't yet been published in full, Maddah also claims Blur were being paid A$5 million (NZ$5.4m) for their shows - an amount he labelled "ridiculous".

Blur were replaced by Deftones, Beady Eye and The Hives, and more than 41,000 people showed up for the festival's first show at Western Springs in Auckland - just under a sell out capacity of 45,000.


April 18, 2014

Blur Special at the O2 Academy

Old School Indie is a weekly club night that takes place every Saturday at O2 Academy2 Islington in London.  On Saturday 26th April they will be marking the 20th anniversary of Blur's, 'Parklife' album with special Blur night!
They'll be playing every track from the album that turned Damon and the guys into full blown pop stars and saw them grace the covers of Smash Hits & Top Of The Pops Magazine. Singles included the top 3 hit 'Girls & Boys''End Of A Century', 'To The End' and of course the title track 'Park Life'
They'll also be playing tons of other Blur favourites from all eras of the band's lengthy career as well as the odd Coxon solo & Gorillaz track. We might even go to ASDA and buy some of Alex James' cheese for you all to munch on.
So cut down on your pork life, mate and get some exercise… just don't mention Oasis.

As well as Blur they will be playing lots of other Britpop & Indie stuff that you will know and want to dance to! Doors are 10:30pm-3:30am

April 16, 2014

How to turn your bedroom into the groupie’s paradise

Are you a music fan looking to express yourself a little better? Whether you’re a lollipops n all Katy Perry fanatic , Blur fan or a grungy Nirvana aficionado, there’s no better way to pay tribute to your favourite artists than by redecorating your bedroom with their paraphernalia. Here are a few tips on how to turn your bedroom into the perfect groupie’s paradise.

Build a CD wall

While digital MP3 players continue to dominate the music industry, we could find ourselves at a loose end when it comes to using our old CDs. Just because you don’t play them any more though, doesn’t mean they can’t lend your room a little decorative splendour. You can head over to any reputable decorative retailer for zany CD racks, either wall mounted or shoved alongside the edge of your bed, and perhaps even arrange them by artist preference as opposed to the traditional alphabetical system.

Open your eyes

Of course, any true music fan knows that music is about more than just the sound; it’s also the visual. Bedstar have been a supplier for more than 100 years of comfortable, sleep easy beds that can even accommodate televisions – perfect for watching all your favourite music videos and concert DVDs. Just make sure you’ve got a dependable bed side table so you’re not losing your remote under the covers.

Go poster crazy

Gone are the days of Smash Hits and Top of the Pops magazine giving you unlimited access to images of All Saints to blu tack to your bedroom wall. That’s no excuse not to pay tribute to those artists though – in a world of digital imagery, it’s only too easy to head over to Google and print off a picture of your favourite heart throb or poetic lyricist. You could also personalise it a little if you know what you’re doing with Photoshop.

Perfect your reading material

If you like entertaining guests, one way of ensuring they get to know a little bit more about you and your favourite artist is to always have a good supply of music magazines hanging around. This can be anything from old faithful NME to specialist genre magazines, such as acoustic or heavy metal. Not only do magazines make your bedroom look warm and welcoming, they’re also a great way of chilling out and reading up on your favourite artist while you’re relaxing on your bed.


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