October 27, 2023

Damon Albarn Split From Partner Of 25 Years

Big news. Damon Albarn, the frontman of the iconic band Blur, and his partner of 25 years, Suzi Winstanley, have recently parted ways, according to The Mail on Sunday. Although they never officially married, their enduring relationship began in 1998 and produced a daughter named Missy, who is now 23 years old. The news of their separation has left friends and sources close to Suzi Winstanley reporting her deep devastation.

It is reported that Ms. Winstanley, an artist, made the decision for Albarn to vacate their Notting Hill residence, although the exact circumstances surrounding this decision remain undisclosed. A source close to Winstanley shared, "Suzi is heartbroken at their relationship ending. It is a really sad time for everyone involved."

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Despite her heartache, Suzi Winstanley was spotted in the audience at Wembley earlier in the month, attending a performance by Albarn with Blur as part of the British Summer Time festival.

Throughout the lockdown period, Damon Albarn spent considerable time at his farmhouse in South Devon, a location he partially converted into a music studio. In a candid interview with French magazine Paris Match, he admitted to personal struggles in recent months, remarking, "The last few months, the last year has not been easy. But the music allows me to 'bring out' all that. That is to say, it's the only way I know to overcome this sort of event. And it's cheaper than therapy."

It is understood that Albarn channeled much of his emotional journey into his music, particularly in the most recent Blur album, "The Ballad Of Darren," which was released recently and currently holds the number one position on the charts. The album contains poignant lyrics that appear to reflect his relationship with Winstanley and a sense of personal responsibility for its breakdown. In the track titled "The Ballad," he sings, "I just looked into my life/And all I saw was that you're not coming back." Another track, "Goodbye Albert," contains lyrics that express his longing for communication, saying, "Don't punish me forever."

Talking about the new record: “It’s emotional. Loses in many forms have played a big part of my life recently. I do believe you carry all the people you lose and the nature of how you lose them is something you carry with you as well. It’s a heartbreak record.”

Damon Albarn and Suzi Winstanley's love story began in 1998, shortly after Albarn's split from Justine Frischmann, the lead singer of Elastica. Elastica found success in America, and according to Frischmann, this seemed to have posed a challenge for Albarn at the time. Neither Albarn nor Winstanley has commented publicly on the reasons behind their split.

The couple welcomed their daughter Missy, named after the renowned hip-hop artist Missy Elliott, in 1999. In a previous interview with Esquire, Albarn described fatherhood as a transformative experience, saying, "It massively changes you...having a kid, inevitably you look to the future far more."

In a recent interview, Albarn confessed to feeling like a "sad 55-year-old" but expressed that it's okay to experience sadness at his age. He reflected on the inevitability of life's ups and downs, especially by the time one reaches 55, and discussed his deep appreciation for classical music and its capacity to evoke emotions.

Despite personal challenges, Blur continues to make music and perform, and their recent concerts, particularly at Wembley, have been described as some of their best by Albarn and his bandmates. The enduring legacy of Blur remains intact, even as Damon Albarn navigates the complexities of life's emotional landscapes.

December 25, 2020

5 Facts You Never Knew about Damon Albarn

The Blur frontman has always been a bit mysterious and aloof with his personal stories. But here are 5 fun facts that you probably never knew about the man himself.

1. After his breakup with Justine Frischmann in the late 1990s, there are rumours he dated Melanie C from Spice Girls (Sporty Spice) and Shaznay Lewis from All Saints. He has been seen with them together in house parties hosted by Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in their pad in London during his recovery days. He has always had an open relationship with Justine Frischmann and was caught kissing an Australian DJ back in the days.

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2. Blur and the gang used to play a "Punching Game" with each other, where they'd take it in turns to hit each other as hard as they can. Alex James recalls: “There was one tour in America that I had two black eyes,” James claimed. “One from Graham and one from Dave. And Damon broke my nose once. But you know… there was never any question we would split up. We were tighter than ever.” “Dave used to play this game called the Punching Game,” James continued. “We all took it in turns to punch each other. I remember playing it with the bass player from Dinosaur Jr… he was fucking massive. Taller than me. He lumped the shit out of everyone.” In case anyone needs ear infection treatment, heads up to Auris Ear Care a London clinic who does just that and more! 

3. Damon finally admitted to using heroin in his latest autobiographical album Everyday Robots (2015). The song "You and Me", referencing Justine Frischmann and his heroin use, found him admitting his 5-day-a-week regime. He has said that it's a relief that it can all become out in the open, since he was "mysterious" about his heroin usage during the 1990s.

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4. Damon has a really close relationship with his daughter Missy Albarn. He always writes songs for her and according to him, she "cries" with embarassment. He also admits that his collaborations in the latest Gorillaz album Humanz is based off Missy's choices and favorites. What a dad!

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5. Damon is a perpetual suitor when it comes to collaborations. How he managed to get Lou Reed, the Velvet Underground star on the old Gorillaz album was because he sent in hundreds of songs but were all rejected by Lou Reed. He said the secret to his success is to never give up on pestering the great musicians of his time.

July 27, 2012

Damon Albarn wowed by Magician Impossible

A new Damon Albarn clip where he and his daughter, Missy Albarn, watches Dynamo the magician perform a coin and hand trick. Damon invited the magician back to his London studio after meeting him at a New York Gorillaz concert during one of his tours.

Obviously, Damon was impressed and stunned by this performance. We are too - the hand trick was just amazing!

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