June 16, 2012

Damon Albarn premiers new Blur Song 'The Puritan' !

BLUR NEWS: Exciting news - Damon Albarn premiered another new Blur song called "The Puritan" just a few days ago in one of his recent live shows. The title was only known from an article from The Standard.

“This is the new Blur single called The Puritan and it has never been performed live before,” said Albarn, which he then did, beatnik-style, with just a guitar and a glass of champagne.

The rare footage (scroll down to watch) is recorded by a fan- the song was performed right after a few other Dr Dee songs. Damon began by teasing the audience, then proceeded to strum an acoustic version of what we think has huge potential to be a full blown Blur song.

We at BlurBalls isolated the audio from the footage (credits to MinlMinlmovie) and you can listen to it below. For those of you who regularly visit Youtube, make sure to subscribe to BlurBall's Channel for the coolest, latest videos!

The new song sounds very much like a tune right out of Modern Life is Rubbish! Perhaps this track will be featured in Blur's massive July box set. Us fans have good reason to sing along with Damon - La La La indeed.

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