January 22, 2012

Blur to produce new record with William Orbit - 2012

This is possibly the most exciting news of January 2012 - Blur is possibly going to collaborate with William Orbit, another English electronic/ alternative record producer who produced Blur's sixth album "13" in 1999, possibly for a new track / record in the making.

On William Orbit's twitter (click to visit) he tweeted the following messages, one to Graham Coxon and one to World Circuit.

The tweet to Graham Coxon seems to suggest that Orbit is meeting with Graham on March 3rd 2012, for a "vocal session".

Then his second tweet clearly says that he will be in the studio with Damon Albarn from Wednesday.

Blur will be performing at the Brit Awards in 2012, and there has been some speculation about whether there will be a practice gig or some warm-up event, and Damon and the gang has been dropping many hints about possibly making records or even an album !

Something's brewing in the Blur-sphere and us fans are getting hints and leads!

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UPDATE: ITS TRUE - William Orbit is IN THE STUDIO with Blur currently, as of Jan 2012 and producing something new! You heard it first on BlurBalls.com! 

On his facebook page dated 13th January:

He updated his facebook page on 22nd January:

Although this Facebook message could refer to the new Madonna album, he revealed in his earlier tweets (above) that he will be in the studio with Damon Albarn from Monday (January 16th 2012).

Orbit won the Q Awards for BEST PRODUCER for Blur's "13" album in November 1999. He is also best known for producing Madonna's album Ray of Light.

UPDATE 23rd Jan: Dave Rowntree tweeted about meeting up with Graham Coxon and the band on 12th Jan:

Its seems there will definitely be new material on the way! 


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1 comment:

  1. That's amazing news! Thanks for sharing!
    I really hope for a new album, it's been so long! and I hope it's realesed in the first semester...
    Orbit it's an amazing producer, he produced Madonna's masterpiece Ray of Light and also her new album due to realese on March! :)