May 7, 2012

Rekindled- Damon Albarn had been recording with Graham Coxon again

A positive update on Blur's future - Damon Albarn tells Irish Independent that he's "sketchy" on the band's future, but won't totally rule out any records after the gigs this summer. This interview followed on from another positive interview (click here) earlier from ShortList, where Damon Albarn quashed his earlier comments about the 'end of Blur and Gorillaz'. Check out the scans below and click to read them in full. 

Credits to eyebrowy for the scans
Damon's obviously in high spirits when he was interviewed. Perhaps the frontman feels pressure from the media, especially after some of the negativity surrounding their Brit Award comeback performance. Or perhaps he simply likes defying the audience's expectations on anything.

Yet, Damon did say more surprising things recently. He made a comment during one of his Amsterdam gigs, when asked about the future of Blur, that he had been recording with Graham Coxon in the studio recently.

Damon Albarn was also featured on the Jools Holland show performing his new opera Dr Dee. Watch his performance of 'Apple Carts' and interview below:

But one thing's for sure - Blur's still going to be around in the future, contrary to all the rumours last month!

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