June 28, 2012

Did Blur let their future album plan slip out ?

BBC Radio 6 Music will be premiering Blur's new single "Under the Westway" on July 2nd, but today they let something shocking slip on their Facebook page.

They posted about the single, made an announcement saying that host Steve Lamacq will be "talking to Blur and listening to tracks from their forthcoming album 'Under the Westway' "

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Wait a minute - this can't be right. There's no plans of an album is there? At least the Blur members are not saying anything or have even hinted they've finished recording one.

But yet - this post was deleted minutes later and replaced with one that says "...will be talking to Blur as he has the world exclusive first play of their new single 'Under the Westway' " .

Could the age-old rumour of Blur recording a new album in 2012 be true? Or is this just a slip of the hand by a BBC staff?

It's a mystery, but this definitely makes us excited. Remember to tune into BBC 6 at 6:15pm (UK time) for Blur. Also, do not forget to download the tracks from itunes after the live, one-off roof top show where Blur will play their single live. 

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February 11, 2012

Woo Hoo! Blur guitarist confirms NEW BLUR ALBUM 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Graham Coxon has just confirmed Blur will be working on a new album this year, 2012, the year of Blur's big return to music charts and UK music.

And when's that ? Coxon says that the band will start working on new tracks and putting together an eighth studio album, after an 8 year hiatus, after the Brit Awards 2012.

Blur has nominated for Outstanding Contribution Award and will perform several songs together on the stage on the night.

The guitarist, who has just finished a solo album "A+E" to be released in April 2012, paying homage to 80s guitar music and dark tunes of that era, said he "couldn't wait to" rejoin bandmates Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree and Alex James to make their comeback album.

Graham plans to "lap up" the Brit Awards after their feud with Oasis in 1995 caused them to be intimated by the experience.

An article from Dailyrecord provides good insight into Blur's exciting new album:

“It’s pretty nice to be getting the Brit award", Graham said. “We haven’t planned the rehearsals yet, but there will definitely be another Blur album.

“2009 was an amazing healing experience for us. We were really swept away with it and got a lot out of our systems. We realised how much we still had in common, that we are good friends, that we are brothers.

“We’re always going to meet up and want to play things. We do like recording. Eventually, even if things aren’t around the corner, Blur will do more recordings together. We all love each other and still like making music so that’s not a bad start.”

He added: “I’ve been to the Brits only two or three times. I remember the one where Blur won a lot of Brits and we were, unfortunately, next to the Oasis table. I was getting a lot of gyp from Liam Gallagher. It was all very worrying but it was an amazing night.

“I felt slightly guilty about winning them all. That’s just how I am. I should just have enjoyed it. But I was worried that people would think we were spoilt brats. This time, sod it, I’m just going to lap it up I think.”

Looks like Blur is coming back, and this time, bigger, more mature, steady and better than ever. You heard it first on BlurBalls, the latest, most up to date fan site on the internet. And because we are ecstatic, we made a little poster to celebrate and spread the news... 

Meanwhile, you can buy Graham Coxon's brilliant new album A+E by clicking HERE.

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