January 29, 2012

Blur's eighth album to be named 'Mirror Press' - 2012

Breaking news on Blur's eighth comeback album (to be produced by William Orbit) - the album's possible name has been leaked out and posted onto Wikipedia this morning and the name was written down to be "Mirror Press".

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Although it was posted up a week ago and has been taken down once, it is CURRENTLY ON WIKIPEDIA AGAIN.

This little leak COULD give us a clue to what the album's name would be, or could be the actual title name. Perhaps even if this was not the real name, the words "Mirror" and "Press" may pop up in the album title. Below is a quote from the history of the article before it was removed:

It was noted during a short interview leading up to the BRIT Awards that a band member mentioned an Album or Single of the name 'Mirror Press'. And that the band were working on it mainly for their own entertainment and joy.

There has been no confirmation from Blur or their management on this, but watch this space for the latest Blur news and anything related to their LATEST ALBUM in 2012 !

This year is going to be a great year for Blur and us fans and you're very welcome to contact us (thanks Maria for the news) if anything that crops up.

(Edit: It has now been removed again. EDIT: It' back up there! We are just as puzzled [and excited] as you are! )


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