February 20, 2012

Blur debuts new song Under The Westway in War Child Gig - Feb 2012

Blur's Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon has debuted their new song "Under the Westway" at the War Child Charity Gig just an hour ago, 19th February 2012. The song was written "a few weeks ago". You can listen below to this acoustic number, filmed by Blurballs live at the stage:

We've filmed the video and it also cut it so its just audio. It will be up shortly. Watch and share the  FULL LIVE PERFORMANCE!

The song's very similar to Fool's Day in style, and the main topic is the scenery whilst travelling back under the Westway in London, probably inspired by Damon's travels to and fro the city. He sings about the skies, the clouds, and the colours, and talks about the pollution and his feelings to a special somebody.

"It's got a lot of words, not as many as Ed Sheeran" said Damon Albarn, "It's got a lot of words. I'll try to remember all of them", as he smiled at Coxon from across the piano.

Graham and Damon performed 3 songs in total for the Pre-Brits gig - Graham looked like something out of Leisure, with his big uncut hair, and Damon was clean shaven and clean-cut, wearing a parklife-esque zip up.  The setlist are as follows:

1) He Thought of Cars (The Great Escape) 
2) Strange News from Another Star (from Blur)
3) Under the Westway - New song! 

Blur recently revealed they will be working on a new album, enlisting William Orbit (who produced their 1999 album "13") on board. The War Child gig only featured the guitarist and the singer, but not Alex James (bassist) or Dave Rowntree (drummer).

Blur will perform live again in the Brit Awards 2012 - stay tuned for that!

It was a great gig, full of promise for something new from the Britpop mega-band. Blur have a long-standing relationship with Warchild, contributing the track Eine Kleine Lift Musik to the charity’s legendary 1993 album Help.

A special shout out to Katie and Hannah and their awesome dad for dropping me off after the exciting night of music, exchanges, sprints, chases and close encounters (wink wink).

Download the track HERE (right click, save as) *credit to Marcia 

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