March 5, 2012

Blur has a new hymn-like, tear jerking track up their sleeves for Olympics gig 2012

Alex James appeared on television show Top Gear on March 4th 2012 and spoke about Blur's future plans. 

He told host Jeremy Clarkson that Blur has been working on a new song - "We've got a new song to unveil, I just listened to it in the morning". 

Alex also added that the unnamed track was "like a hymn, a real tear-jerker".

When asked about their controversial Brit Awards performance of 12 days ago, (click to read a feature article about the happenings of that night) where Blur received the Outstanding Contribution to Music award, he said: "It was utterly magnificent to get back together and smash those songs out again." 

Last month, Blur's frontman Damon Albarn and guitarist Graham Coxon played a new Blur song 'Under The Westway' during an acoustic set at the War Child pre-Brit Awards charity gig at O2 Sheperd's Bush Empire in London. Watch an exclusive BlurBalls recording of the great performance in the video below.

In a recent NME Magazine interview, Blur did confirmed they were trying out new songs and new material since their 2009 reunion, but were "cagey about whether they'd record a new album", which would be their first since 2003's Think Tank.

When Graham Coxon was asked about new album plans in time for Blur's massive Olympics 2012 Hyde Park set, he said he'd be "interested in playing new things" during the live gig, exclaiming: "We always used to play underdeveloped things and kick them into shape during the shows, but it isn't the occasion for that. Obviously we're not gonna play the same set we played in 2009, but there things that people always, always wanna hear."

Previously, super producer William Orbit (who produced Blur's dark, edgy album "13" in 1999)  hinted he was working on new material with Blur in a series of tweets and facebook page, sparking rumours that there was a new Blur album.

Producer Stephen Street, who produced five Blur albums including the hugely successful "Parklife" in 1995, has also said he "would like to work with" the band and "recording with them again". 

Street is currently remastering all the Blur records, perhaps for a release late this year in a box set/ vinyl collection. Click here to read all about the Blur remasters. 

Besides the Hyde Park Olympics concert, Blur are also headlining two other events: Denmark's Skandeborg Festival in August 9th 2012 and Sweden's Way Out West Festival on August 10th.

A young Blur in their Modern Life is Rubbish days 

However, the band still contradicted themselves with mixed messages about their future "new" recording. 

In recent interviews, there were a lot of "Yes, we are working on new songs" and "No. we are not going to make a new album" and some "We're not sure"'s.

Watch Graham Coxon speak out about the band's preparations for the Hyde Park gigs and click HERE read all about Graham vowing to make this gig bigger and better than their 2009 runs. 

With these mixed messages about the potential new Blur album, fans can only speculate. So far, nothing was confirmed by the band. They seem reluctant to talk about any future albums, although are happy to chat about individual tracks. They debuted Under the Westway in the War Child event. However, Alex James did say it's probably a "no" to a new Blur album on last night's Top Gear episode. 

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