February 21, 2012

Blur to headline London Olympics Closing Ceremony gig - 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Blur announced via their official Facebook page that they will be be headlining the Olympic Closing Ceremony gig in 2012, 12th August, at Hyde Park.

Graham Coxon tweeted some revealing information 15 minutes before their big announcement was due:

He said "Looking forward to the Brits tomorrow night... Should be well good! Oh and August..." implying that August will mean something big in the realm of Blur. And it is - Olympics! Representing Britain to the world!

The band is set to receive the Outstanding Contribution Award in the Brit Awards 2012. They will play a record-long 11 minute set, consisting of 5 songs. This was revealed by tweets and sources from the band's official social networking sites.

Blur also posted this picture of their band logo on stage at the Brits stage on their facebook page:

This is BIG NEWS! Blur's representing Britain's music scene yet again, for their big comeback, as Britain's top band! Watch Blur rehearse for Brits 2012 below:

We speculate that NME's announcement this week regarding Blur "in the studio" and all the William Orbit business (read about it in the News Archive section) will mean that all these events, plus the new Blur song that debuted yesterday, and the fact that Orbit is dropping hints means there WILL BE A NEW ALBUM ANNOUNCED SHORTLY. 

Stay tuned, we bring you the news as it comes. You heard it first on Blurballs.com.

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