August 13, 2015

London Calling- New Blur Podcast 2015

New Blur podcast alert! Music Heritage UK, a charity which exists to promote, protect and preserve UK's popular music heritage recently launched a podcast on the Camden Town and its role in the birth of Britpop, featuring Alison Wise who runs the London 'Camden Rock n Roll Walking Tour'.

This new podcast is a great listen, and there's plenty on Blur in there!

October 30, 2014

Damon Albarn receives blue plaque at Leytonstone

Damon Albarn has received a new blue plaque at his former Leytonstone home.

According to The Guardian, the Blur singer visited his childhood home at 21 Fillebrook Road, Leytonstone, this week. The singerlived in the house until he was nine-years-old and attended George Tomlinson Primary School, in Harrington Road.

 He said: “Its multi-racial population had a very profound effect on me, and the borough has a very particular feel to it, given the proximity to Epping Forest and places like Hollow Ponds. “I remember cows coming down this road on a regular basis. You wouldn’t believe it now what with the A12 extension, but memories like that obviously stuck with me.”

Albarn’s recent Mercury-nominated album, Everyday Robots, recalls his early childhood living in Fillebrook Road and one of the songs is named Hollow Ponds.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader of Waltham Forest council, said: “This borough has produced talented people from all walks of life and given Damon is such a huge name in the world of music it was right that we should celebrate him as a son of Leytonstone too.

 “Having been privileged to have met him, it is obvious that he has a real affection for the borough, as anyone listening to Hollow Ponds on his new album can hear.

This marks a new place to visit for any Blur fans who is eager to visit Blur-related landmarks around London and the UK.

May 30, 2012

Legendary Blur Primrose Hill Graffiti removed

For fans who has heard or is familiar with the Blur Primrose Hill Graffiti ("and the view's so nice" inscribed on a path in the hill), the following is not good news. The graffiti was drawn by an Australian woman who sneaked into the park one evening

Several fans tried to redraw the graffiti a month ago, but unfortunately their efforts were destroyed by the rain.

An article from Camden Journal sums up the current situation well, including the recent removal of the legendary graffiti and Dave Rowntree's remarks:

IT had become a part of park life on Primrose Hill – but a famous graffiti tribute to Britpop giants Blur has been painted over in the name of keeping the hill “clean”.
The Royal Parks Agency decided to remove the white writing found on the path leading to the summit which spelt out the band’s lyric “and the view’s so nice” – part of their song, For Tomorrow.
It was put there back in 2000 by an Australian fan but the scrawl became a stopping off point for music buffs and was quickly celebrated as one of the quirks of Primrose Hill.
Blur’s Dave Rowntree said: “If local people want it there they should show that by getting in touch with The Royal Parks.
“It is a jobsworth attitude in the Olympic year when we’re meant to celebrating British culture, and Blur certainly did contribute to British culture so it would have been nice to see it kept.”
He added: “On the other hand, perhaps I’m being selfish, because I suppose it is graffiti, and if the whole park was graffiti then it wouldn’t be so lovely.
"I can understand The Royal Parks’ decision, but I lived in the area for about 15 years in the 1990s and even I got used to it being there. "It’s a shame, it was part of the Blur ethos because it was in one of our videos, we felt deeply about the lyric and about the hill.
“It’s something that was special to us, and very flattering at the time.”
Mr Rowntree told how the band would meet on the hill where the graffiti was, and paid homage to the “beautiful view from the top” in the lyric.
In 2001, Damon Albarn told Q magazine he had been walking up the hill with Graham Coxon deciding whether to quit the band.
He said: “Then there was this huge graffiti. If that wasn’t a sign we should keep making music together I don’t know what is.”
Mr Rowntree said: “It’s part of the Blur story. That park is full of hidden secrets, and it’s a shame to get rid of this one.”
Trish Bertram, 55, who has been living in nearby Gloucester Avenue for more than two decades, said: “That hill is a steep climb. Nearly everybody I know is out of breath at the top, so just when you’re about to give up from climbing to the top you see the words ‘and the view’s so nice’.
"It’s really precious, because it makes you think, ‘OK, yes, let me do it, let me climb to the top to see the view.’”
Ms Bertram added:  “It added to the area, the weather would wash it away and someone else would come and paint over it.
“So people obviously wanted it here.
"In the morning all the dog walkers and keep-fit regulars noticed it was missing – straight away.
"I just don’t get it, that art has been blogged all over the world, and filmed and photographed, and they’ve just got rid of it without asking anyone who uses the park what they think?”
A spokeswoman for The Royal Parks said: “The original piece of graffiti was painted many years ago and the decision was taken to allow it to weather out naturally.
“More recently, several attempts were made by members of the public to re-paint it.
"The last attempt took place in wet weather resulting in paint running down and spoiling a popular path.
"It was therefore necessary for us to clean the area.”
Here at BlurBalls, we're lucky to have visited the site in early April on a spur-of-the-moment trek. We even took some pictures of the beautiful piece of Blur tribute, a tribute painted by the Australian fan back in 2000s, that is now gone. It is such a pity indeed.
blur primrose hill, blur for tomorrow, blur for tomorrow lyrics, blur graffiti
blur primrose hill, blur for tomorrow, blur for tomorrow lyrics, blur graffiti
blur primrose hill, blur for tomorrow, blur for tomorrow lyrics, blur graffiti, views so nice

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January 18, 2012

Blur Comeback with 'Beetlebum' Interview 2012

Blur interview on what the song Beetlebum (No. 1 on the UK Charts) was about.

Are they trying to test their fan base ? Could this mean something's up ?

We think Blur is up to something here, perhaps signaling a new album is in progress or that Blur are truly making some new single or album to be released in 2012...

And what of the Brit Awards ? It's up and coming, and how can Blur perform without rehearsals ? There may just be the chance of a warm up pre-Brits gig in the future!


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December 20, 2011

Blur to play at the BRIT AWARDS 2012

Britpop Prince Damon Albarn and his band Blur will perform next year in the Brit Awards 2012, Alex James has confirmed. 

The cheese-making bassist told XFM that the band will reunite for a special performance at the 2012 BRIT Awards to celebrate winning the 2012 Outstanding Contribution prize:
"We're going to play, which is brilliant, it's like putting the Blues Brothers back together."
James have hinted at the possibility of a new album by mentioning that the boys are meeting up for Christmas drinks and have even recorded a few tracks off the top of their guitars. 

"We're getting together for a Christmas drink next week which is nice. We still see each other all the time, more since we were all living out of a suitcase. We'll probably record again."
A good new years present for all the Blur fans out there! 
We can't help wishing there'd be a new album soon though - that's definitely on our Christmas wish list.

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December 8, 2011

Blur to win Outstanding Contribution Award in Brit Awards 2012

Awesome news for all you Blur Fans out there...

Blur will be receiving an Outstanding Contribution To Music award at next year's Brit Awards, reports The Guardian and BBC.

"It's great to have recognition for all the work and all the heartache and all the joy that's gone into this band," said Damon Albarn.

Past winners of the gong include Bob Geldof, Paul McCartney and Pet Shop Boys. The award ceremony will take place on 21st February at London's O2 arena.

Meanwhile, the official Blur website is due to be partially closed from today (Dec 8) for "an exciting redesign". Read the announcement on

In other Blur news, Alex James has revealed to that the band will meet up shortly and 'probably' record again. James said:
We're getting together for a Christmas drink next week which is nice. We still see each other all the time, more since we were all living out of a suitcase.
He added: "We'll probably record again."

James hinted that the band may not release a full album though, commenting: "Is there such a thing as an album? Does music have to come 12 tracks at a time?" The bassist said that he didn't know what the music would sound like due to "Damon doing operas," adding that it would be like" getting The Blues Brothers back together."
Watch the video interview here

October 28, 2011

Damon Albarn's new band name Rocketjuice and The Moon revealed -

(Sourced from NME)

Damon Albarn has named his new band with Flea and Tony Allen Rocketjuice And The Moon.

The Blur and Gorillaz man is due to make his live debut with the Red Hot Chili Peppers man and The Good, The Bad & The Queen cohort on Saturday (October 29) at the Barbican in London.

The performance is taking place as part of the Another Honest Jon's Chop Up! event, which will also see the likes of Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Detroit techno man Theo Parrish appear.

Rocketjuice And The Moon have also confirmed their debut album, which is due to be released in the new year, will be self-titled.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Albarn explained that the band didn't come up with the name themselves, commenting:
Someone in Lagos did the sleeve design and that’s the name he gave it, which suits me because trying to find a name for another band is always tricky.

Along with the Rocketjuice And The Moon date, Albarn is also playing two gigs withThe Good, The Bad & The Queen at the capital's Coronet venue on November 10, their first live show since 2008. 

April 1, 2011

Inside Dave Rowntree's head - his blog

Dave's got a blog! Check it out by clicking HERE (and bookmarking it of course...)
He writes about interesting things, and yesterday's post included some information on his Blur days, with the incident where he bullies an interviewer explained.

But first, watch this:

I quote from his entry on the 31st March 2011:

There has been some speculation as to why I accepted a recent blog comment linking to a clip of me bullying the Canadian journalist Nardwuar in 2003.
The reason is, that I can’t take the credit for the things I’ve done that I’m proud of, without taking the blame for the things that I’m ashamed of.
And this is definitely one of the things I’m ashamed of.
There’s no excuse for my bullying, and the reason I did it is perhaps nearly as sordid.
As I’ve written in the past I became addicted to cocaine during the nineties. Now I’ve no idea if it has this effect on anyone else, but for me, the day after a cocaine binge I’d sometimes fly into a murderous rage, and take it out on whoever happened to be around. In this case, it happened to be the journalist.
To be clear, Nardwuar didn’t do anything to provoke me. I sent an apology to him the next day, but I didn’t hear anything back from him, so I assume he didn’t accept it.
These days I keep a clip of the interview on my phone. I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs, and if from time to time I wonder if I’m doing the right thing treading this (sometimes rather lonely) path I play it, and have the answer.

I really admire the guy. He's come a long way, from being a drummer to a politician, lawyer and evolving from the guy behind the scenes in Blur, to a guy worth respecting and admiring for his unique hobbies, talents and speech. 

He's also started writing for The Guardian, check it out by clicking HERE. Interesting, but following Alex Jame's footsteps perhaps? 

What do you think of Dave now and Dave then ? 

March 22, 2011

Blur's Alex James to sort out Libya crisis - and his crazy career

Another episode of the Alex James sequel, of the strange things he's been up to since the Blur hiatus and their last on to find out...the suspense! 


Blur bass player, Alex James, has confirmed that the UN has asked him to take a lead role in searching for a 'just, peaceful and ultimately cool' solution to the crisis engulfing Libya.

Alex James, cheese-maker, classical musician, newspaper columnist, panel show host and fete-opening radio-presenting former bassist with Blur, has confirmed that the UN has asked him to take a lead role in searching for a ‘just, peaceful and ultimately cool’ solution to the crisis engulfing Libya.

James, who reportedly did a GCSE history project on Rommel’s North Africa Korps, caught the eye of Ban Ki Moon when he came second to David Platt from Coronation Street on the BBC reality show ‘Diplomat’ last year in the challenge to reunite Korea.
‘His agent gave us a good deal,’ said Moon. ‘All he needs to do is keep talking to Gaddafi until he capitulates. And he’s free to write about it in the Telegraph, publish a book, write a song – whatever.  
After all, as he told me, Jesus himself said ‘Blessed are the cheesemakers’.’
Well, well well, looks like Alex James has been, er, expanding his career! Now he's to save Libya by being totally Mr. Alex James himself. Great. 
Lets recap on all the things he's been up to since 2003:
Cheese making Alex
Breast milk with Gordon

Bit of a Blur - letting us into the world of Blur
Raising kids, animals and his wife
Hosting food shows
Getting ridiculous haircuts
Cocaine Diaries series
Glastonbury 2010 with Blur
Blur reunion ! 
Advertising corned beef
And of course, much more involving beautiful women, celebrities, money making, more cheese making, farming, vegetables and all things natural. Not to mention, the occasional jamming with his bass guitars and the rare award show appearance. Radio shows, music, blogging, writing on his weekly column and even plans for a 2nd Blur book. 
I leave you, dear readers, with Alex James on the joys of cauliflower

What do you think of Alex's "career" ? Have I left out a significant thing he's been involved with since the last Blur album? 

March 15, 2011

Blur - 100 gigs you should have been at (NME)

This week NME features reviews of a 100 famous gigs. 

NME this week featured the top 100 gigs you should have been at. Seems pretty random to me, but Blur appear twice: with Suede at #63 at Town&Country Club, London, July 23, 1992 - and at #12 with, of course, Hyde Park, London, July 2-3, 2009.

Pic of the day - beautiful drawing of the boys

"We're so fucking shit you might as well go home now. This could be the worst gig you've ever seen." So said Damon Albarn as a ridiculously pissed Blur - having spent the afternoon drinking in Camden - took the stage for the charity Gimme Shelter gig in their 'Modern Life is Rubbish' phase.
They proceeded to deliver either the best or worst (depending who you ask) set ot their career, barely able to see their own instruments, falling over and trying to shoulder a speaker stack off the stage. It was as punk as Britpop would ever get, but in its aftermath, Food Records gave them a month to clean up or they'd be dropped. And out of the wreckage, immaculate rising supposrt act Suede, shimmied gloriously into the big time, having utterly outstaged the headliners. The first Battle of Britpop was on..

Town and Country Club - 1992
BLUR - HYDE PARK, LONDON, July 2-3, 2009

They may not have been the final shows of their ecstatically received 2009 reunion tour, but Blur's two night at Hyde Park were arguably their pinnacle as a live band, and if they're on/off studio potterings never come to a new album, it's how they should be remembered: with Damon rolling around the stage in wild, punk-rock paroxysms, an esqusitely chosen, cereer-spanning setlist, and Alex James with one foot on the monitor and a cigarette drooping from his lips, as though the noughties, cheesemaking and the TV talent show judging had never happened. It was pure nostalgia, obviously, but after six years away, that hardly mattered. A timely reminder that not everything about Britpop was bollocks.

Blur finished Hyde Park on a high note

Wonder who is No. 1 ? And I've decided to postpone the "Caption Contest" postings till later this week, so stay tuned for more blurry news, fun and caption contest excitement. 

February 25, 2011

Blur Caption Contest 2

It's Friday night, and the Blur world has been quite quiet. Nothing much really happened this week in terms of music. A couple of disappointing award shows where we didn't win anything, and a nice little NME article with Graham and Damon in it. it's time for another BLURBLOG CAPTIOCONTEST! 

Thanks to my friend Tracy Jack Albarn for the picture. This is your challenge for this week. It's pretty easy to think of something creative, interesting or downright dumb for this picture... just looking at this shot makes me laugh out loud!

Finally, thanks to all that left a comment on the first ever BlurBlog Caption Contest (click to see). The picture was actually taken in Israel during a tour there a while ago. 

The winner is TheJollyDummkopf  who posted the caption "I'm Alex, the smug one from Blur!" with inspiration from No Distance Left to Run! Thank you so much for participating and I hope you keep reading and enjoying this blog. It's readers like you that keeps me going!

You get a Blur badge as a token of thanks.

I'm also going to add a page to this blog that features all the caption contests with the winning caption displayed, just so that there's more to this little blog and for everyone to have a little laugh. 

Please leave a caption idea for this new picture and keep reading, commenting and Blurrin'

February 23, 2011

Blur on NME this week (Feb 21)

Really short post. Just a heads up on Blur on magazines again.
This week's NME features an exclusive interview with Graham Coxon on Blur’s plans for the year, and some odd new ventures of his own...

And if anyone cares, the entire list is: 

25) Brett Anderson
24) Matt Bellamy
23) Nick Cave
22) Joey Ramone
21) Ian Curtis
20) Karen O
19) Damon Albarn
18 Jack White
17) Lux Interior
16) Bobby Gillespie
15) Marc Bolan
14) Joe Strummer
13) Jarvis Cocker
12) Mark E Smith
11) Jim Morrison
10) Kurt Cobain
9) Shaun Ryder
8 Patti Smith
7) Liam Gallagher
6) Freddie Mercury
5) Morrissey
4) Debbie Harry
3) John Lydon
2) Jimi Hendrix
1) Iggy Pop

Buy NME!  

February 22, 2011

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio covers Clint Eastwood

After stumbling on the Gorillaz Unofficial forum and reading some posts, I came across a thread that is about Phish frontman Trey Anastasio covers Clint Eastwood from Gorillaz in his concert.

Not knowing anything about Phish, I did a little search and found out that:

a) They're an American Rock band that broke up and reunited in 2009, and
b) According to Urban Dictionary...

Phish can destroy your phavorite band on stage. 

Phish comprised of phour incredibly talented muscicians

Phish sucks, you say? Phuck you!  

Oh the joys of Urban Dictionary and it's little writers. Here's the Gorillaz cover that frontman/ lead vocalist Trey Anastasio did: 

I like this cover - it's funny. The singer has a really high pitched voice, which is totally different from Damon's deep croon. The song sort of gets higher and higher... which is interesting. It feels like a James Blunt song, but I did enjoy it when the girl sang Del's part.

What do you think of this cover? Any comments?

February 21, 2011

Blur demo tape on eBay - who's got cash?




I want this tape! It should be genuine as JBs used to go to the Blur studio regularly. Plus look at that NEW SONG "Us"! Apparently it's a never released song that is recorded during the making of Leisure. Oh god! Really pleased if the winner of the bid shares the song "Us"! Then we'll have a new Blur song released to the public!

Previously the new Blur song "Superman" was leaked online from a man who recorded an early gig where it was performed. Listen to Superman on my youtube channel here.

Bid here

(Thanks caitlin from the forums)


February 18, 2011

Site Competition: Blur Caption Contest !

Friday afternoon. Library. Work. Procrastinating. BLURBLOG CAPTION CONTEST!

Anyways here's a new thing for the Blog - every Friday afternoon I will post up a picture relating to Blur/Gorillaz and you guys got to make up a caption to go along with it.  Think of the best, wittiest, funniest caption for the picture and submit it in the Comments section at the bottom of the post.

The winner will be selected based on originality and of course creativity. Feel free to leave votes and comments about the captions!

Thought I'd post my current favourite Blur picture.

Blur for thought... Anyone know who that 5th guy is? Any guesses where this picture was taken ? What are all the boys looking at ? Why is Alex shirtless?

Leave a comment and caption below!

Winners announced every week. Stay tuned.

February 17, 2011

Blur are back in the studio and recording new material - Feb 2011

Exciting news for you all.

Graham Coxon has explained that Blur are currently jamming in the studio regularly and is very likely to record new material in the year 2011. Earlier this month the guitarist revealed that Blur were reconvening and could "switch a tape recorder on, and even tweeted about Blur meet-ups with the boys

Now he has told NME Magazine about the recording process. Graham explained that the meet-up was one of many the band regularly undertake (a bonding thing!) and was not really for any specific new release. 

"Every now and then we like to meet up and record a few things," he said. "We just do stuff when we feel like it."

Graham - bringer of good news
He added that the band will "definitely" continue to meet up and play music together in this way, but fans shouldn't hold out for new music being released anytime soon. 

Also, as usual, Graham cracked a line to tease us fans. 

"I suppose it might turn into an LP in six years or something," he said. "Meeting up every now and then… maybe turning the tape recorder on and jamming around a few ideas."

Coxon said that even though Blur hasn't planned any releases yet, he had two solo albums to be released in mind. He also mentioned that these are probably going to be the last 2 solo albums released and that they're more "youth" sounding. 

One of the album is also called "A&E"... I wonder what that stands for ? 

Graham met up with the Boys for sugary tea, coffee and TV )
He's also releasing 'Desire', a collaboration song with Paloma Faith and The Coral's ex-guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones, for the promotional music campaign for shoe company Converse in April 2011. 

Exciting times! I am positive we will hear something from Blur in 2011. Perhaps a surprise single or even a complete album will spring up, but one thing's for sure: Blur are back, older, wiser, better and with much more surprises in line.

Who knows what will happen? 

Read the full article on NME and check out my early coverage of this speculation-turned-truth

What's your reaction to this piece of news? Mine's: