February 16, 2011

On the Blur reunion - rumours? Gorillaz lose Brits

Just browsing the Blur Forums and daysleeper posts this:

Right I have read the article.

Graham says 

- They are definitely going to keep meeting up to record.
- It is only when they feel like it though and there will not be any new music from Blur this year
- Not sure whether any of it will see light of day
- Says we might see an Lp in six years or something
- They have recorded since Fools day
- He says he has written 2 solo albums.
- HE RECKONS THEY MAY BE HIS LAST TWO THOUGH!! (He fancies just listening to music for a while, although he will carry on recording for a while)
- Doesn't know how many songs he has in him anymore and says "I'm not this regurgitator of songs, like Damon is."

Hm, if the article's from NME magazine, it should be pretty accurate. But I mean, we will see an LP in 6 years? And Graham has already written enough songs for 2 solo albums? Talk about the wait! 

Nevertheless, if he does scan it (like he says he was too tired to do) then we may begin to see it online 
and in the news forums. Read the article by clicking on the picture below.

Thanks beatfloh for the scan. 
What do you all think? Do you want to wait that long ?  Write your thoughts in the comments section.
Also the Brit Awards 2011 yesterday saw Take That take the title for "Best British Group". Gorillaz didn't win. 

Take That robbed Gorillaz ... grrr
Stay tuned on more updates and gossip from the Blur forums!


  1. Gorillaz and blur are Best British Group!!!!!

  2. I wouldn't mind waiting that long if they gave us a B-Sides compilation or an official bootleg release of some sort.

  3. @TheJollyDummkopf

    But 6 years? I wouldn't wait that long...I mean, in 6 years many things will have happened.. I hope Graham's exaggerating and not being serious. But they said they're recording lots now, so I hope some of it will surface.

  4. Florence -

    I think Graham is being typically coy (that teasing fox!) I'm sure they'll be releasing something much sooner than that. Although, I'll be honest, I'd still listen six years from now. Quality is quality and they still stand-out from the rest, 20 years on.

    And how dissapointing were the awards shows, this year? So sterile. They really are running out ideas. It seems "Blur" is emerging from its cozy hibernation at just the right time :).

  5. @Rose

    Hmm, so do you think Blur emerging now (2011) is a potential new appearance for the awards few next years ?

    I think awards nowadays are so much on popularity of the singers rather than the art themselves. Pop singers publicize so much that they win because of their "look" or image.

    Plus Gorillaz isn't winning anything... I'm really disappointed, but NME and Woodie Awards are coming up. .