February 17, 2011

Blur are back in the studio and recording new material - Feb 2011

Exciting news for you all.

Graham Coxon has explained that Blur are currently jamming in the studio regularly and is very likely to record new material in the year 2011. Earlier this month the guitarist revealed that Blur were reconvening and could "switch a tape recorder on, and even tweeted about Blur meet-ups with the boys

Now he has told NME Magazine about the recording process. Graham explained that the meet-up was one of many the band regularly undertake (a bonding thing!) and was not really for any specific new release. 

"Every now and then we like to meet up and record a few things," he said. "We just do stuff when we feel like it."

Graham - bringer of good news
He added that the band will "definitely" continue to meet up and play music together in this way, but fans shouldn't hold out for new music being released anytime soon. 

Also, as usual, Graham cracked a line to tease us fans. 

"I suppose it might turn into an LP in six years or something," he said. "Meeting up every now and then… maybe turning the tape recorder on and jamming around a few ideas."

Coxon said that even though Blur hasn't planned any releases yet, he had two solo albums to be released in mind. He also mentioned that these are probably going to be the last 2 solo albums released and that they're more "youth" sounding. 

One of the album is also called "A&E"... I wonder what that stands for ? 

Graham met up with the Boys for sugary tea, coffee and TV )
He's also releasing 'Desire', a collaboration song with Paloma Faith and The Coral's ex-guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones, for the promotional music campaign for shoe company Converse in April 2011. 

Exciting times! I am positive we will hear something from Blur in 2011. Perhaps a surprise single or even a complete album will spring up, but one thing's for sure: Blur are back, older, wiser, better and with much more surprises in line.

Who knows what will happen? 

Read the full article on NME and check out my early coverage of this speculation-turned-truth

What's your reaction to this piece of news? Mine's:


  1. Firstly, I love that Graham Coxon is collaborating with "Converse". "Converse" were the shoes and jeans we all drew pictures on and covered with stickers as teens, so it actually feels right that if he were to be involved in something like this, it would be for an iconic brand with major indie cred. Which again proves: Graham Coxon will always be cool.

    I've never considered artists being compensated for what they do, to be "selling out", it just shows public respect for their work and it ads quality to culture - artists should be compensated for what they do. "Selling out" is when an artist abandons quality or a sense of fun, without question, just for money. Ads aren't the problem, it's the bombardment of cheesiness and plastic personalities in ads that is. Keep giving us cooler ads, companies, and we'll call a truce.

    On "Blur": "All's well that ends well". I don't care how long it takes them, I'm just satisfied knowing they're consistently jamming, so at least there's the possibility of a new release in the future. They're actually quite young in their careers and there's no desperate rush to produce, but I can see how Coxon would be more reflective on mortality, after the loss of his friend. Even being young doesn't protect us from passing. It's very sad.

  2. HaHA Mine reaction was totally the same. I agree with Rose, mostly, fans are exerting pressure on the band. So we have to stay calm.

  3. @Rose

    Your comments are always insightful and thoughtful. Yes I agree with you about Graham - he seems to be the most... "cool" member of the group. I'd say he matured and aged well, relative to the others (not only on the looks side!) ...

    Well nowadays record companies only care about artists selling out, it's a sad but true fact. I am glad Blur are able to deviate from this and resist. But that's only luckily due to Damon's Gorillaz pop success and "selling out-ness" that he has been able to get what he wants. Like Graham - wasn't he under some pressure from the record companies a while ago because he wasn't selling too much ?

    @ Ann - Yes especially how now people have the internet to connect with Graham and the boys. They know whats happening to us.