February 18, 2011

Site Competition: Blur Caption Contest !

Friday afternoon. Library. Work. Procrastinating. BLURBLOG CAPTION CONTEST!

Anyways here's a new thing for the Blog - every Friday afternoon I will post up a picture relating to Blur/Gorillaz and you guys got to make up a caption to go along with it.  Think of the best, wittiest, funniest caption for the picture and submit it in the Comments section at the bottom of the post.

The winner will be selected based on originality and of course creativity. Feel free to leave votes and comments about the captions!

Thought I'd post my current favourite Blur picture.

Blur for thought... Anyone know who that 5th guy is? Any guesses where this picture was taken ? What are all the boys looking at ? Why is Alex shirtless?

Leave a comment and caption below!

Winners announced every week. Stay tuned.


  1. I think that's a dictaphone he's got in his hand. He might be an anymous journalist who interviewed them.
    By the way, congratulations a hundred times for this blog! There is something post everyday, which is quite awesome!

  2. wow I have never seen this photo 8O ahh Damon! & Graham & Alex & Dave :)

  3. @Advert23

    Thank you :D I am glad you are here too! Got a caption ?

  4. @Liam :)

    Yes me too, I first saw it a few days ago...

  5. I love how everyone's completely natural about the fact that Alex James is sitting in the grass, half-dressed and in sunglasses. Like they'd be more shocked if he were wearing pants.

    Oh, Alex James, you sly, sexy beast. Now that you're happily married and, I'm sure, appropriately virtuous, you can finally fulfill your true destiny as The Ultimate Tease ;D.

  6. ...and it's also cute how Damon looks so anxious to speak because Alex is clearly taking his time and pondering some answer.

  7. @Rose

    HAHA ROSE you made me laugh... have you got a caption idea? And LOL Alex's not as slim as he is now...but still he's arguably the next sexiest member of Blur after Damon (in my opinion)...

  8. Ooohh, hmm. I can't think of a clever enough caption! I'm at a loss, a loss for words ;). I just love the band energy in this picture, the weird dynamic of it, the photographer catching a moment where everyone's, either; deeply thoughtful or incredibly pissed.

    Oh, no. I'll bet this interview it was after or during the infamous American Experience (doom music follows). Why did we do that to them--WHY?!! Look at them, so brilliant, so adorable--what was wrong with us?!!

    Albarn's also the human incarnation of "Tigger" from "Winnie The Pooh" in this picture, i.e.:


    Like, his gobstopping beauty is an evolutionarily developed, survival mechanism, meant to distract people from going absolutely bonkers from his madcap energy and superhuman ability to debate, as in: "If you weren't so goda**ed pretty, Damon, I'd throw you in a well just to say I won this argument."

  9. Bit of a NDLTR reference...

    "I'm Alex, the smug one from Blur!"

    That's all I've got.