February 25, 2011

Blur Caption Contest 2

It's Friday night, and the Blur world has been quite quiet. Nothing much really happened this week in terms of music. A couple of disappointing award shows where we didn't win anything, and a nice little NME article with Graham and Damon in it.

So...now it's time for another BLURBLOG CAPTIOCONTEST! 

Thanks to my friend Tracy Jack Albarn for the picture. This is your challenge for this week. It's pretty easy to think of something creative, interesting or downright dumb for this picture... just looking at this shot makes me laugh out loud!

Finally, thanks to all that left a comment on the first ever BlurBlog Caption Contest (click to see). The picture was actually taken in Israel during a tour there a while ago. 

The winner is TheJollyDummkopf  who posted the caption "I'm Alex, the smug one from Blur!" with inspiration from No Distance Left to Run! Thank you so much for participating and I hope you keep reading and enjoying this blog. It's readers like you that keeps me going!

You get a Blur badge as a token of thanks.

I'm also going to add a page to this blog that features all the caption contests with the winning caption displayed, just so that there's more to this little blog and for everyone to have a little laugh. 

Please leave a caption idea for this new picture and keep reading, commenting and Blurrin'


  1. Ah! Oh Alex in the background, even after the years go by, he remains. He’s definitely the smug one!

    If Alex had been a little bleaker and far less obvious, I think a phrase or some lyrics that sort of resemble Damon's posture and the atmosphere in the photo would work.. similar to the Advert lyrics, "I need something to remind me that there is something else”
    ..Well yeah, emphasising Damon's work load, lack of free time or as the song frankly puts it "holidays"

    'With prestige there comes a foreboding burden'?

    Definitely going to be tormented by this tonight!

  2. @NoWhereNoHow

    Haha thanks for your insightful comment. Definitely, Alex is always the smug one that's in the background. Actually isn't Dave the one most hidden usually?

    Good caption! Thanks !

  3. (No "censored" sign pasted somewhere on that pic? Kidding!)

    All so thoughtful and pre-occupied. Coxon has his typical "dreamy, poetic, travelling minstral" look on his face, staring-off into space, dreaming about rolling hilltops and velvet jackets on clear, sunshiny days. Albarn looks typically pensive and gorgeously tortured. Alex James is caught posing like a sexy supermodel, with that perpetually deceptive look of innocence on his face, as if there's any other way he photographs. Dave is quietly working the "foxy architect" vibe in the background, obviously doing something super serious and very important. The usual band dynamic. And is that Mike?

    Anyhow, everyone huddle-in for a group cuddle! No violations. Nothing that will require my being swatted-off with a "Nerf" gladiator bat. I promise. Just a cuddle.

  4. Oh, yay! Thanks for the badge!

    All I've got is: "How many Blur members does it take to name a documentary? Four. And some other guy."

    Assuming that guy was in NDLTR I can't remember who he is...

  5. @TheJollyDummkopf

    Haha no problem! Awesome caption ! Be sure to check out the newest one!