March 2, 2011

Alex James reviews kitchen gadgets !

Thanks 2-J for this article (Click to enlarge):

Oh Alex, are you out of your head? Too much time on your hands, living on a farm and hosting festivals?

I guess its not only the media lapping Alex up, but Alex really really needs the cash!


  1. ...but he's a hard-core "foodie", Dano! The apple-corer is the thing, though. There's never been a more useful, but seemingly unecessary, kitchen gadget. My grandmother has one and before using it, I thought: "Why not just use a nice?" Of course, Grammy's always right. And she comes from the "no waste" generation. So much apple's saved and future "mishaps" averted.

    Speaking of, how funny is it in that article, how he talks about bringing his kids along to test gadgets and the first thing talked about is a "blow torch"? He clearly believes Grammy accompanied them as an authority for the article, but you know his wife was, like:

    "Go with them. GO with them."

    You just know marriage to Alex James is like a series of moments of anxiety over potentially diastrous outcomes to schemes and "projects". A great deal of time spent waiting for that moment when the kids come running in with:

    "Mummy! Mummy! Call an ambulance! Daddy just fell off the roof of the barn trying to rig-up some solar, drying rack/ was trampled by angry cows/ is stuck in a hay-bale while he was showing us how to do back-flips off it!"

    I almost feel sorry for her. Almost ;D.

    (Ten points to the saucy photography who managed to get him to hold the "banana-saver" for a photo op! Very sneaky. Equally hilarious.)

  2. Typo: "Why not just use a 'knife'" instead of "Why not just use a 'nice'"?

    I think even harsh words can't help but turn cozy when I'm talking about my Grammy ;D.

  3. Second typo: "Photographer" not "Photography". It's that embarassingly distracting "banana-saver"!

  4. @Rose

    Haha Rose, yes he is a hardcore foodie and winie indeed. Beerie too. Thats why he got a slight beer tub a while ago (and gained some weight!) ... Alls well now.

    Marriage to Alex James - hmmm wouldn't that be nice.

    Would you say Alex is a romantic? Somehow I think he might, just be a guy that surprises you.

    Grammy :D