March 1, 2011

Gorillaz news - The Fall to be released in physical CD

Several online retailers, including here and here are now listing a release of The Fall on CD, due out 18th April in the UK, on Parlophone, and 19th April in the USA, on Virgin Records. 

No news on the track listing or any packaging details yet, but I'm looking forward to it! 

Rumors of a vinyl record being released to coincide with Record Store Day is also hot on the news. More on this as more news are out! 

Speaking of which, I still haven't completed my The Fall review (BlurBalls style!)... Will do, I promise. Keep reading! 

Would you buy The Fall when it's out? 


  1. "Would you buy The Fall when it's out?"

    Done - pre-ordered!

    On yesterday's post: Yeah, it was a surprise to me, too, when I heard Hopper passed late last year. The same with Pete Postlewaite. They were both young, relatively speaking. Too soon for passing away. It's sad. I think Damon mentioned it briefly before touring. It came as a shock to the group.

  2. @Rose

    Thanks Rose, I hope the sleeves of the album will feature more new art by Jamie.... Let me know when it arrives!

    And yes, it's sad. Damon mentioned it? Where?

  3. @Marta

    Aww Marta, I love your picture.
    And let me know how it is when you get it , kay?

  4. About Hopper - I think Damon only mentioned it briefly when he was asked about it during an interview. Since Hopper hadn't any long term illness and the band worked with him only a couple of years before (he seemed so vital and alert during that time - you can see him clowning around in "Bananaz") I think it was a shock.

    Death is always a difficult thing. It never seems right. We're never prepared for people we've known and cared about to go.

  5. Thank you, I´ll let you know.