March 10, 2012

Blur deliberately keeps fans guessing about new album plans

Is Blur's new publicity technique to keep fans in suspense ? It seems that fans can only guess at whether the britpop supergroup, who reunited in 2009, will be releasing a new album in the future.

Contradicting information is presented by all four members of the band. Blur forum member damon4president brought up this piece of news regarding a recent radio interview:

Alex said on BBC Breakfast that the answer depends on who you ask and what day it is, and that was the first time I have heard any of them admit that they are constantly contradicting one another! 

damon4president goes on to expand his thoughts, which is another way of interpreting the mixed information given: 

The only way I can reconcile these contradictions - Damon and Graham saying there will be a new album and Alex saying there won't - is to assume that they are not working on one right now, but may do in the future. 

Granted, Alex's 'end of the world is nigh' comments every time there is a big gig on the horizon do begin to grate, but, to put it bluntly, he can talk rubbish sometimes. I cannot see why a band that is in a good place, has gigs lined up, and has only just recorded a well-received new song, would decide to end things. 

A toothy Damon and Noel Gallagher of Oasis get friendly at the 2012 Brit Awards - what will become of Blur after the Brits ? 

Alex James also said that the summer gigs may be the "last thing" the band may do, and that Blur may disband after the Hyde Park gigs - saying "It is tinged with a bit of sadness really. This show in the summer could be the last thing we ever do."

All the hints and clues that go in opposite directions. As a fan, it feels very much like a tug of war. Who should we believe ? Cheese Farmer Alex James on Top Gear, who said "No", or Graham Coxon who said "Yes" to a recording and making a new full album?

“It’s pretty nice to be getting the Brit award", Graham said [in a Dailyrecord interview]. “We haven’t planned the rehearsals yet, but there will definitely be another Blur album. 
“We’re always going to meet up and want to play things. We do like recording. Eventually, even if things aren’t around the corner, Blur will do more recordings together." 

Or should we trust drummer Dave Rowntree, who said it won't happen? Or listen to Damon Albarn, who remains undecided- said it was a definite "No", then changed his mind and said it really, really could happen. And don't forget that Damon also expressed desire in an American tour for Blur earlier this year.

A very young Blur

Just like the sudden announcement of the Hyde Park Olympics gig, which was posted up on their official Facebook page at midnight shortly after their comeback Brit Awards performance, we can't help wonder - is this a publicity stunt ?

If it is, it certainly is working. Working very well indeed.

This band keeps you guessing, but we are, to quote a certain song from Modern Life Is Rubbish, holding on for tomorrow...We are clinging onto what Graham Coxon said to NME Magazine this year- "It was called a reunion in 2009, and that's what it was. So we are reunited. So now that's it".

In a recent NME interview, when asked "Will Blur be making a new album?" the response was again mixed:

- Damon said "Don't count on it" , aka NO
- Graham said "We've got commitment issues. But it'll probably happen."aka YES
- Alex said "There are definitely no plans to make one"aka NO
- Dave: "There's a lot of appetite out there for new Blur music. It's no secret that we're working on something" aka YES

But one thing's for sure, William Orbit is twiddling with his producer knobs and currently in progress with making "Under The Westway" fit for release - soon. Where? No one knows. Ask Damon. 

Plus, we are still waiting for this album here. (In 2005, Damon said that Blur could be releasing an EP, click to read the article).

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