June 27, 2011

Gorillaz to collaborate with The Beatles in a new single

Paul McCartney has hinted that he could be on the verge of collaborating with Gorillaz and may appear in the next Gorillaz single. 

The surprise move would see the former Beatle join the ranks of the likes of Snoop DoggBobby Womack and Lou Reed, who have all appeared alongside Damon Albarn's animated band.

McCartney was speaking to TheQuietus.com as he releases reissues of his two solo albums 'McCartney' and 'McCartney II'. Paul
 is on the promotional trail for the re-release of his solo albums McCartney I and II - and revealed his admiration for the talents of Damon and his Gorillaz co-star, artist Jamie Hewlett

He said: "We have kind of talked - nothing serious but I like what they do. It's got near a couple of times but we never had the time."

Sources in both camps believe it is only a matter of time before they get together in the studio.
Macca was a huge admirer of the work Damon did on his opera Monkey: Journey To The West.
The former BEATLE is putting the finishing touches to his own score for the New York City Ballet - so they have a lot in common creatively.

Damon presented Macca with a Q Magazine Icon award a few years ago, at the same bash where he himself won an Inspiration gong - and the collaboration conversation has been rumbling on since.
A source said: "Damon originally brought up the idea of doing something with Gorillaz at the Q Awards and they have been trying to sort something since. It never worked out on the last album, Plastic Beach, but things are looking good for something together in the future."

Expanding upon the rumours, a ‘source’ told The Sun: "Damon originally brought up the idea of doing something with Gorillaz at the Q Awards [in 2007] and they have been trying to sort something since. It never worked out on the last album, 'Plastic Beach', but things are looking good for something in the future."

McCartney is currently putting the finishing touches to a score for the New York City Ballet. Similar to Damon and his opera , huh ?

If this is true, then it's about time Gorillaz get to the top of the charts again. Meanwhile, remember to subscribe and "LIKE" BlurBalls on Facebook, or email subscribe to receive the latest news on everything Blur, Gorillaz, Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon! 

March 22, 2011

Song Review: Snoop Dogg feat. Gorillaz - Sumthin Like This Night


So the song "Sumthin Like This Night" from Snoop Dogg's latest album Doggumentary is out on youtube.

The song features Snoop Dogg's signature drowning rap and clever lyrics, then Damon Albarn does the vocals, or the first part of the chorus "but you never tried it... something like this night...somethin like this night....". The second part of the chorus doesn't sound like Damon, it sounds like someone else, but we can still hear the Damon Albarn backing vocals all through out.

Listen below and keep reading on for a bit more reviewing.

The tune is much like Doncamatic (All played out), Gorillaz's non-album single released a few months ago. That was because Damon felt Plastic Beach didn't have a single that was "pop" and synthetic enough, so he created the song for the sole purpose of it being a non-album single that can sell. Anyways, in Doncamatic (listen below) there is an electronic trumpet instrument that blares the sounds all through the song. The rhythm is basically constructed of the electronic trumpet item blaring the tune of the song. In Sumthin Like This Night, similar sounds were used, and I think it worked better in Doncamatic to be honest.

I would say this isn't good single material. It's catchy but rather repetitive, and definitely not dance floor material (usually those get to top the charts, admit it) and the song's rather mellow and down key. I do hope it will chart if it gets released as a single from Snoop Dogg's album, though I somehow have doubts about that.

I just wish Gorillaz would make a more single worthy song like 19/2000 or Clint Eastwood soon! And release their b-sides.

February 13, 2011

Blur and Gorillaz - nominated for Grammy Awards 2011

I'm watching the Grammy Awards Clive Davis Party live online. Still a day before the real awards. Both Blur and Gorillaz were nominated this year, and it's the FIRST TIME Blur's ever received a Grammy Award. Ironic isn't it, how it's been years since they made any album and it's still the first time ever that they got nominated. 

Blur's documentary No Distance Left To Run was nominated for Best Long Form Music Video. 

Best Long Form Music Video
  • 2. WHEN YOU'RE STRANGE - The Doors
Gorillaz's were nominated for 2 awards:

Best Pop Instrumental Performance
  • "Flow" -- Laurie Anderson
  • "Nessun Dorma" -- Jeff Beck
  • "No Mystery" -- Stanley Clarke
  • "Orchestral Intro" -- Gorillaz
  • "Sleepwalk" -- The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Best Short Form Music Video
  • Johnny Cash – "Ain't No Grave / The Johnny Cash Project"
  • Eminem and Rihanna – "Love the Way You Lie"
  • GorillazMos Def and Bobby Womack– "Stylo"
  • Cee Lo Green – "Fuck You!"
  • Lady Gaga – "Bad Romance"

Bruce Willis in Stylo
Lets see if Gorillaz or Blur notches up an award! Keep checking this site for updates!   

February 12, 2011

The Fall - Review Part 2

Dear readers, I'm extremely tired after a long Saturday in college. Had class from 10:00am in the morning till 6:00pm at night. Fun eh?

Just before I head off to bed, I thought I'd fulfill my promise of reviewing some more of Gorillaz's The Fall ("...the first ipad album in the world!"). To read Part 1 of the review, click here.

4 - Detriot

I feel more awake after listening to this tune. It's fresh, clear and catchy, although very raw. Sorta techno, steady beat and rhythm all through out. It's more like an experiment in the beats and pop of the 80s... those disco hits. Highlights are the tune in the middle - love it. Short but sweet. 


I'm thinking an empty disco. Perhaps it's the hours before a big party at the club, and the DJ's testing out his new tune. He's head-bobbing and wearing dark sunglasses. Disco's empty, yet the lights and everything are fully blasted. Air-conditioning makes the room chilled, ice cold. 

Ice-cold room, empty only with the sound of Detriot

5 - Shy-Town

Damon is high pitch here. Very. The keyboards play a huge part in the song, with long notes played on and on. Shy-town has a strange atmosphere to it, sort of ghostly and reserved. There are also alien-radar sounds at the beginning of the song. Damon speaks in his monotone - Friday, Chicago and then starts singing. We hear waves and sounds of water. A beautiful song indeed, and one that could've made it to Plastic Beach with a little more refining. 


Underwater. Submarines. Damon and Paul Simonon in their pirate hats and striped outfits, sailing to sea  in a tiny wooden boat.

5 - Little Pink Plastic Bags

The tune's funky. Dark. Damon utters - "Little Pink Plastic Bags...blowing on a highway...they don't know where they'll go...they'll just float there" and then his voice goes off into echos. Long periods of whirling follows, sounds like some kind of fan or machine's backdrop. I think this song's the most unique song on The Fall. The tune's really wacky and it grows on you as you listen. 


Aw. This is too cute.

Little Pink Plastic Bags by ~7474

That's it for now. Stay tuned for Part 3. 

February 11, 2011

The Fall - Gorillaz's road album for those who don't know - Review Part 1

It's another lonely Friday night and I'm in my college dorm. Piles of assignments glare at me from the tops of my shelves. Since I'm in full procrastination mode, and I only have Gorillaz to keep me company, I'm going to present to you my track by track review of Gorillaz's "ipad album" The Fall (Released December 2010). I'll start off by introducing the album and then reviewing the first couple of tunes.

Messy desk, overdue coursework, college dorm
From Montreal to Vancouver via Seattle, Texas and Toronto, over 32 days on their North American Tour this autumn, Gorillaz recorded a musical diary. Recorded on tour, on an iPad, this low-key album (click here to listen to stream for free on the band's website) is the sound of Damon Albarn blowing trees and tweaking apps on his ipad as the American mountains rolls by his tour bus window. 

The result is a collection of 15 tracks, some with vocals, some without, some combined performances and some solo.

The music was recorded during spare time while on the road. "I did it because there's a lot of time that you just spend staring at walls essentially. And it was a fantastic way of doing it" says Damon Albarn. "I found working in the day, whether it's in the hotel or in the venue, it was a brilliant way of keeping myself well." Adding that the collection is "..like a diary, I literally wrote everything on the day in each place and there's a strange sort of sound of America and its musical traditions that comes through. It feels like a journey through America."

A physical release is planned for later in 2011. The full track listing is:

  1. Phoner To Arizona
  2. Revolving Doors
  3. HillBilly Man
  4. Detroit
  5. Shy-town
  6. Little Pink Plastic Bags
  7. The Joplin Spider
  8. The Parish of Space Dust
  9. The Snake In Dallas
  10. Amarillo
  11. The Speak It Mountains
  12. Aspen Forest
  13. Bobby In Phoenix
  14. California And The Slipping Of The Sun
  15. Seattle Yodel

Lets go through what you get with this album, shall we? I will review the first 3 tracks.

Oh, and I've included pictures of how I picture the song when I listen to it. Maybe it'll help you visualize and set the mood... 

1 - Phoner to Arizona

Slightly techno. Reminds me of Stylo, especially the 80s bass beat that runs all the way through the song. No vocals, quite repetitive. It seems like a perfect B-side to any Plastic Beach song, it's pretty much Damon's style. Fades away at the end. Nothing special or spectacular, just a plain old tune that could have been polished.


When I listen to Phoner to Arizona, I'm imagining a night out. It's late and everyone's leaving the party, bar, club. You're walking home alone in the cold dark street. Yellow lights from the lamp-post streams down and casts a shadow.

Feel the mood...

2 - Revolving Doors

One of my favourite tracks on The Fall. Damon sings in his drowning croon and repeats "Revolving Doors" over and over again. The song describes him sitting in an American diner and watching the "foggy days" outside his window. He reflects on his life and just sings. The tune is a repeating little tune, quite catchy. Reminds me of Damon's Opera (Monkey Journey to the West) and also the song Hong Kong on Gorillaz's b-sides album D-Sides. 


I'm just thinking revolving doors, revolving around and around. Spinning. It's a blur of people in and out. Beatles music on cue. 

3- Hillbilly Man

The song begins with Damon singing about free lanes with a gentle guitar sound in the background. He's talking about driving away and the song's really mellow. Then halfway around 1:25, beats come in. The whole song changes mood. I'm not sure whether it's on purpose or not, but Damon's voice seems to be getting raspier. Rasp is then followed by the chorus, which chants Hillibilly repeatedly. Don't really like the rasp. Didn't Damon quit smoking? 


I didn't know what "Hillibilly" was so I did a Google search. Can't stop laughing at the results:

Hillibilly - "Unsophisticated person" - Google Dictionary

That's the end of tonight's The Fall review. I'll continue on next time, please subscribe to the blog or bookmark it! You can always follow the RSS Feed on the sidebar on the right. 

What do you think of The Fall and the songs above? Disagree ? 

February 10, 2011

Damon Albarn to sing with Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg's official site confirms that Gorillaz will feature on his new album "Doggumentary", due to be released on March 29th. The album art was unveiled a few days ago to fans. 

Guests on the album include Kanye, E-40, Gorillaz, R.Kelly, Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy, T-Pain and more. Below is the tracklist for Doggumentary.

01. Toys In The Hood (feat. Bootsy Collins) /Produced by Jake One
02. My Own Way /Produced by Denaun Porter
03. Eyes Closed (feat. Kanye West & John Legend) /Produced by Kanye West
04. Something Like This (feat. Gorillaz) /Produced by Gorillaz
05. Take You Home (feat. Too Short, Kokane & Daz Dillinger) /Produced by Meech Wells
06. El Jay (feat. Marty James) /Produced by Scoop Deville
07. Cold Game (feat. LaToya Williams) /Produced by Rick Rude
08. Don't It Feel Good (feat. Ne-Yo) /Produced by David Banner
09. Dirty Dancer (feat. Trey Songz) /Produced by Trylogy
10. Superman (feat. Willie Nelson) /Produced by Willie Nelson's Band
11. Raised In The Hood /Produced by Warren Campbell
12. Choose /Produced by Black Mob
13. This Weed Is Mine (feat. Wiz Khalifa) /Produced by Scoop Deville
14. Gangbang Rookie (feat. Pilot) /Produced by J-Kwon
15. New Year's Eve (feat. Marty James) /Produced by Scoop Deville
16. Wet /Produced by The Cataracs

Click here to check out Snoop Dogg's official website with the good news.

I'm glad - this means we will get to hear Damon sing again. One more of his fantastic collaborations with different bands can be added to our Blur collection!

Seeing as Snoop Dogg sang in Plastic Beach (Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach, watch below), I wonder if Damon will even tour with him in 2011 ?

Guys, 2011 seems very promising so far. Damon's back on track, Gorillaz is not splitting up (yet), Graham, Dave and Alex seems optimistic and open about Blur doing some more tracks and jamming together and don't forget Damon's new opera and Graham's film soundtrack!

Oh, and don't forget, Alex James is hosting a music festival and Dave's running for politics again.

Now if only Jamie and Damon can just get along.... then we might even get to hear those Gorillaz B-sides that they never released.


Gorillaz break up rumors quashed !

The on-again, off-again rumors can officially be put to a rest: Gorillaz are not breaking up, a publicist for the group says.

The rumors of a Gorillaz split go back to last year when the band was on tour. At that point, Damon Albarn told the Toronto Sun that the group may call it quits at the end of their tour. 

That rumor was “confirmed” last week in an article in People Magazine that said the group had “sensationally split.” Hold your horses, a band representative said. That’s not the case at all. When asked to confirm or deny the rumors of a breakup, the band’s rep said:
So, breathe easy everybody!

During a performance in New Zealand back in December, vocalist Damon Albarn gave a lengthy speech about how the show might end up being the band's last ever live performance. 
Well, the relationship between band members Jamie Hewlett and Damon is still on the rocks. Hewlett is said to be pissed at Damon over "how much time Albarn was giving to his many other projects." 
On the flipside, Albarn has been "less than impressed with Jamie's party lifestyle" lately.
And the two were the best of friends!
Jamie Hewlett's son Denholm has spoken up about the shaky friendship on Gorillaz-Unofficial. Denholm posted, "I just spoke to my dad... he said its rubbish, they have kinda fallen out... they're just taking time apart from each other to work on other projects. gorillaz are not gunna split up, its fine."

I sure hope Denholm's not messing around.  However, if it all turns out to be true and Jamie and Damon are really ready to call it quits, there better be some pretty damn good Blur projects in the works. 

Look what I found...

Either way, it's looking good for us fans. Gorillaz aren't splitting up (yet) and Blur seems to be tethering along in their studio.

Lets see what happens. Subscribe for more news and updates! 

February 9, 2011

Plastic Beach goes Platinum in the UK

GuzziHero from Gorillaz-Unofficial sends the news that Plastic Beach has gone platinum in the UK (300,000 copies shipped).

It was certified Platinum on 4th February. You can search for Gorillaz certified awards in the UK, on the BPI searchable awards database here.

As for the US, it's reaching Gold. Not quite there yet though!

February 8, 2011

Vote for Gorillaz in the NME Awards 2011

Gorillaz are up for 3 awards at this year's NME Awards.

Damon doing Gorillaz

Stylo is up for best track, against Cee Lo Green - "Fuck You" -Foals - "Spanish Sahara" -Janelle Monae (feat. Big Boi) - "Tightrope" -Mark Ronson & the Business Intl - "Bang Bang Bang"

Stylo is also up for best video, up against -Arcade Fire - "We Used to Wait" -Brandon Flowers - "Crossfire" -Chase & Status - "Let You Go" -My Chemical Romance - "Na Na Na"

Plastic Beach is up for Best Album Artwork, up against -Foals - "Total Life Forever" -Klaxons - "Surfing the Void" -MGMT - "Congratulations" -My Chemical Romance - "Danger Days"

You can check out all the categories, and vote, here.

Hope Gorillaz sweep 3 awards up!