June 27, 2011

Gorillaz to collaborate with The Beatles in a new single

Paul McCartney has hinted that he could be on the verge of collaborating with Gorillaz and may appear in the next Gorillaz single. 

The surprise move would see the former Beatle join the ranks of the likes of Snoop DoggBobby Womack and Lou Reed, who have all appeared alongside Damon Albarn's animated band.

McCartney was speaking to TheQuietus.com as he releases reissues of his two solo albums 'McCartney' and 'McCartney II'. Paul
 is on the promotional trail for the re-release of his solo albums McCartney I and II - and revealed his admiration for the talents of Damon and his Gorillaz co-star, artist Jamie Hewlett

He said: "We have kind of talked - nothing serious but I like what they do. It's got near a couple of times but we never had the time."

Sources in both camps believe it is only a matter of time before they get together in the studio.
Macca was a huge admirer of the work Damon did on his opera Monkey: Journey To The West.
The former BEATLE is putting the finishing touches to his own score for the New York City Ballet - so they have a lot in common creatively.

Damon presented Macca with a Q Magazine Icon award a few years ago, at the same bash where he himself won an Inspiration gong - and the collaboration conversation has been rumbling on since.
A source said: "Damon originally brought up the idea of doing something with Gorillaz at the Q Awards and they have been trying to sort something since. It never worked out on the last album, Plastic Beach, but things are looking good for something together in the future."

Expanding upon the rumours, a ‘source’ told The Sun: "Damon originally brought up the idea of doing something with Gorillaz at the Q Awards [in 2007] and they have been trying to sort something since. It never worked out on the last album, 'Plastic Beach', but things are looking good for something in the future."

McCartney is currently putting the finishing touches to a score for the New York City Ballet. Similar to Damon and his opera , huh ?

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February 10, 2011

Damon Albarn to sing with Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg's official site confirms that Gorillaz will feature on his new album "Doggumentary", due to be released on March 29th. The album art was unveiled a few days ago to fans. 

Guests on the album include Kanye, E-40, Gorillaz, R.Kelly, Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy, T-Pain and more. Below is the tracklist for Doggumentary.

01. Toys In The Hood (feat. Bootsy Collins) /Produced by Jake One
02. My Own Way /Produced by Denaun Porter
03. Eyes Closed (feat. Kanye West & John Legend) /Produced by Kanye West
04. Something Like This (feat. Gorillaz) /Produced by Gorillaz
05. Take You Home (feat. Too Short, Kokane & Daz Dillinger) /Produced by Meech Wells
06. El Jay (feat. Marty James) /Produced by Scoop Deville
07. Cold Game (feat. LaToya Williams) /Produced by Rick Rude
08. Don't It Feel Good (feat. Ne-Yo) /Produced by David Banner
09. Dirty Dancer (feat. Trey Songz) /Produced by Trylogy
10. Superman (feat. Willie Nelson) /Produced by Willie Nelson's Band
11. Raised In The Hood /Produced by Warren Campbell
12. Choose /Produced by Black Mob
13. This Weed Is Mine (feat. Wiz Khalifa) /Produced by Scoop Deville
14. Gangbang Rookie (feat. Pilot) /Produced by J-Kwon
15. New Year's Eve (feat. Marty James) /Produced by Scoop Deville
16. Wet /Produced by The Cataracs

Click here to check out Snoop Dogg's official website with the good news.

I'm glad - this means we will get to hear Damon sing again. One more of his fantastic collaborations with different bands can be added to our Blur collection!

Seeing as Snoop Dogg sang in Plastic Beach (Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach, watch below), I wonder if Damon will even tour with him in 2011 ?

Guys, 2011 seems very promising so far. Damon's back on track, Gorillaz is not splitting up (yet), Graham, Dave and Alex seems optimistic and open about Blur doing some more tracks and jamming together and don't forget Damon's new opera and Graham's film soundtrack!

Oh, and don't forget, Alex James is hosting a music festival and Dave's running for politics again.

Now if only Jamie and Damon can just get along.... then we might even get to hear those Gorillaz B-sides that they never released.