August 8, 2012

Dave Rowntree explains 'On Your Own' music video!

Finally, a Dave Rowntree story that is guaranteed to make you laugh (and perhaps admire how terribly witty Dave's sense of humour is). Dan Rolling Stone Brain, a Yahoo! Answers user asked a question on the Q/A website about Blur's music video for the single 'On Your Own', that goes:

Yahoo! Answers: Open Question

What is Dave Rowntree doing in the Blur-On Your Own video?

If you watch the video to Blur's On Your Own (single- '95), Damon is jumping around, Graham is playing guitar behind walls and Alex is just walking around. Dave Rowntree, however, is in a sort of booth, playing on a keyboard. I don't understand why. The video has no story or plot, and what he's doing has no relevance/correlation to the song or the lyrics. I'm confused. Why is he messing around on a keyboard? And why is he in a metal shelter/booth? (Oh, and it's like a typewriter/computer keyboard, not a piano-like keyboard)
  • 2 days ago
  • 2 days left to answer.

Believe it or not, the actual Dave Rowntree answered the user's question! We learned from Dave's official twitter page that he "spent breakfast" this Wednesday typing a lengthy, detailed response to the question about what he was doing for the music video shoot.

Answers (2)

  • We had to make this video while on tour on a day off, so our options were pretty limited - it basically had to be some kind of performance. To make it even vaguely interesting, it would have to be in an interesting location.

    I couldn't swear to it, but I think we were in Portugal at the time, and there was a power station nearby that was in the process of being demolished. The director had taken a look, and thought there were enough odd locations there to keep an MTV viewer from switching over for 3 minutes or so.

    To add extra interest, Damon had bought an unusual hat, which he decided to wear.

    While filming, we found a metal trap door in the ground. On opening, we found it concealed a large underground bunker. There was a metal bar across the entrance, and it was decided that I would sit on it for my close-up.

    My turn came.

    "Action" shouted the director.

    I sat on the bar, smiled and waved."STOP F***ING WAVING!" suggested Damon.

    "Well what can I do?" I asked, "I can't fit my drums in here!"

    A moment passed while heads were scratched.

    "Why not play this?" said one of the crew, and gave me a tiny Casio keyboard.

    So that's what I did.There's no real story to the video, if you're yearning for one, think of it as the story of a man playing keyboards in a bunker while another wears an unusual hat.


    Dave Rowntree
    • 7 hours ago

    Well, at least now we all know why Dave's sitting in that tiny cellar-like, cramped space jamming on the keyboards in the 'On Your Own' music video. And we learned that Damon has a very strange taste in hats.

    Enjoy what is probably one of the strangest Blur music videos ever below. Thanks to Dave and his boring Wednesday morning internet surfing, that's two more Blur mysteries solved.

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