March 3, 2012

Gorillaz unveil full new collaborative track- Doyathing

Gorillaz released their 3-in-1 Converse campaign single Doyathing, featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy, on 23rd February 2012. Damon Albarn raps as 2D in his monotone, signature style and the track.

Watch the music video featuring a sleepy 2D and a very green Murdoc parading around their rather tidy house below. It's strange but fits the tune well, and as usual, Gorillaz blends live action and graphics perfectly.

As for the music, this Gorillaz track is quite enjoyable - it's definitely something worth downloading for fans. Damon's rap is similar to the introduction of Gorillaz's hit "Clint Eastwood" and Andre 3000 is brilliant as usual. The beat is catchy and extremely addicting- in a good way of course!

Gorillaz also released the making of Doyathing's music video along with a nice little interview with Pitchfork (click to read):

Visit converse's website here to download the track.

There's also a 13 minute version available for those of you who want to enjoy a longer tune HERE.

And since we're ape-ing around, it would be appropriate to mention that Davy Jones of The Monkees passed away recently. The Monkees sounded somewhat like The Beatles, and of course, The Beatles have influenced Damon Albarn and Blur significantly (although this influence doesn't seem to extend to Gorillaz!).

You can also buy the Converse shoes with great designs on Amazon.

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