February 29, 2012

Blur working with Parklife producer on new release of albums for 2012

ALBUM NEWS: Blur are set to release their complete back catalogue with the Blur albums being remastered by Stephen Street. Street is the producer which has worked with Blur on 5 albums including their biggest hit Parklife in 1995. 

This means only one thing: Blur's full works are going to be available for fans soon, in a complete box set of works with possibly new rare songs, b-sides and extra goodies for completists.  

Could it be like the Special Collector's Edition with extra tracks / unreleased goods , or just another remaster with a new track like Best Of's "Music is my Radar" ?  

"I love Blur, I think they're some of the most talented people I've ever worked with" said Stephen Street in a recent interview with Louder than War"I'm currently remastering their entire back catalogue ... It's just great to listen to the tapes and think that now they sound so much better. They sound fuller, and wider, and I'm really pleased to be focusing on it. I'm really chuffed as a producer how it's sounding."

There is no word on when exactly these albums would be out - perhaps some time in the end of 2012 would be appropriate, after Blur has done their huge Olympics gig in Hyde Park in August. 

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Modern Life is Rubbish. 

Perhaps Street will put something new into the remasters for the 20th anniversary 

However, according to Street (excerpt from The Guardian), a full-length album doesn't seem very likely.

"I got the impression that they don't want the pressure of having to make a new [LP]," he said. But the group do seem to be prepping a single: Under theWestway, which premiered live at last week's War Child benefit. 

"I would love to be asked to produce [Blur] again," Street exclaimed, "but ... they haven't asked me to do the Under the Westway track. William Orbit is involved apparently, but I don't know."

Overall - this release of remastered albums could mean two things - either Blur aren't going to be producing anything more and are using this release as a final goodbye present for fans, or that they are using the recent new developments to generate hype for a possible new album. We can only hope it's the latter! 

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