March 3, 2012

Blur vow to polish up for massive London Olympics concert 2012

Here's some more Blur related news for all fans out there. For those of you who want all the details about the band's future gig(s) in preparation for the London Olympics at Hyde Park 2012- Graham Coxon did an interview with NME on 29th February 2012.

Watch the most recent interview backstage at the 2012 NME Awards below:

Regarding Blur's summer plans, Graham says: "We're going to start rehearsing soon and we've been back playing together for a bit. We're going to concentrate on making it a really nice experience in the summer. 

"We're going to try and get it up a notch from 2009, which seems almost impossible to me in a way because the Glastonbury appearance was so phenomenally amazing."

"We're going to try and go one better." he added. Graham hopes that this year will be more trump the 2009 Hyde Park reunion show, where Blur played a one-off massive gig under the sweltering summer heat. 

Graham Coxon and Alexa Chung presented an award to The Vaccines for Best New Band during the ceremony. Coxon is working on his new 80s sounding album A+E and crafting a varied solo career. He also expressed desire to work with The Vaccines and join them on stage in the future, or perhaps during the summertime. 

Slightly shaky footage of Coxon and Chung presenting an award to The Vaccines 

Blur will play the outdoor closing ceremony show on August 12 for the games' closing ceremony. They have announced that they will headline two concerts in Denmark and Sweden just before the big Hyde Park gig. 

Blur made a dramatic return to the stage in the 2009 NME Awards. Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon appeared on stage together for the first time in 9 years. They performed "This is a Low" from their 1995 hit album Parklife. 

A touching performance of This is a Low - the performance was raw and emotional 

It's exciting knowing that Blur will start rehearsing soon - hopefully there will be more warm-up gigs announced soon. Stay tuned for more up to date Blur news.

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