Have you seen Coxon' tweet? He's notorious for trolling. Although it could be the case there just isn't a new album coming - Either way, bands have had one over you before haven't they NME?

First Jarvis announcing that there won't be any new Pulp material, and now Graham pretty much announcing there won't be another Blur album. What a bloody awful day this has been. :( :( :(

That's it Blur ruled it out alright, Graham Coxon said "No" on Twitter, oh gee, I guess that's it then. Haha, how many musicians/ artists have ruled out the possibility of another album? Who EVER expected the Stone Roses to get back together? A simple "No" on the notoriously informal site of Twitter won't do it for me, haha.

Blur is obviously a part time pursuit - Albarn is bored with it, The ginger one appears to prefer being a solicitor, Cameron's mate writes for the sun. Guess its back to the solo albums Graham! Still those big gigs and the money from that british gas advert will keep him going.

I am convinced that there will a new record in the next 12 months. The band have a very high standard and I really can't see them living off past glories for another set of big gigs next summer. Damon, Graham, Alex and Dave have way to much pride in their music not to do it! So lets leave them do what they do best and be patient and new material will come!