July 13, 2012

William Orbit leaks his version of new Blur single

Fresh update: William Orbit has posted up his version of Blur's new single 'Under the Westway' for all to listen to. This followed several angry tweets about the band a few weeks ago, where the band and the ex-Blur producer's relationship seem to be on the rocks.

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Gigwise reports:

Producer Orbit was working with Blur earlier this year but went his separate ways from Damon Albarn and co. after Tweeting about the secret sessions. It is perhaps ironic (or totally unsurprising?) then that Orbit has shown his indiscretion once more and placed an alternative version to the single on Twitter today.
The version is still recognisable as the song which was premiered via a live online stream earlier this month but features far more electronic production and a less epic, windswept feel.
Speaking to BBC's Steve Lamacq on a show yesterday, Alex James said that the band are on good terms and that they are "not having fist fights anymore". Alex also said that the band's future seems to be going well at the moment, although their future has remained undecided. 

"I've got no idea what happens next, or if it ever happens again," he said. Discussing the way in which he, Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree work together, James added that "we click back into it like a family at Christmas."

Currently, Orbit's version of the track is unavailable off Soundcloud. However, many have heard the track and the general review from fans seems to be negative. Perhaps it is the fact that Orbit has publicly made his disappointment (for the band to not choose his track) about Blur's choice, or perhaps it is the auto-tuned vocals which made the song less hymn-like and more "13"/ single like.

Different lyrics, more bouncy chorus, the single is completely changed to a semi-electronic feel. It also has much more heavy sounds than the current version. It is definitely not bad, but the track definitely sounds very different to what the band has released. 

Download the track HERE (Sendspace) and give it a listen. *Note: The file may be unavailable 

Leave a comment below or vote in the poll - do you like this better than the official release, which Damon Albarn decided to self-produced?

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