July 31, 2012

Damon Albarn torn over whether Blur should record new album

BLUR NEWS: All's well in the rehearsals, the Hyde Park show preparations and all's good in the interpersonal relationship side of things. But Damon Albarn has admitted that he is unsure about the possibility of Blur ever recording a new album
Pressparty reports:

Damon Albarn has admitted that he’s torn over whether Blur should record a new studio album.
Rumours about a possible follow-up to 2003’s ‘Think Tank’ have been circulating ever since the band reformed for a series of comeback gigs in 2009, but the 44-year-old told Q magazine that he’s still unsure whether it would be a good idea:
“It’s very much on my mind. I feel very…torn between a lot of different emotions. I’m undecided about how I feel. The problem is, I’m constantly asked about it and I don’t really know. 
“Genuinely, as a human being – not as Damon Albarn, whatever that is – as just a person. I don’t know how I feel.”
“There’s part of me that would love to be able to bring it into our 40s and our sort of family world. But does it belong in that world?
“That’s the other side of it. Do any of us need that? And I have got so many more interesting things to do.

There seems to be no solid "yes/ no" answer right now as to the band's future. But why ask so many questions when we can enjoy Blur this summer for their massive gigs, warm up shows and exhibition? 

Blur is also featured on this month's Q Magazine cover - watch out for Damon's toothy smile and the other Blur members on the front. 

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Get your copy of Q Magazine, out on 31st July (Tuesday) in your local newsstand. There will be an exclusive interview with Damon Albarn about Blur and the coming gigs. 

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