November 23, 2017

Our Top 5 Blur Songs To Get You Through This Winter

So it's nearly winter and there's only one thing to do- compile a list of our favourite 5 Blur songs to get you through this cold, dreary weather. The British weather is unbearably cold and rainy, so we're going to find songs that can compliment a nice cup of tea, a cozy fireplace and a chilled evening at home. Here are the top 5 Blur songs that you need to listen to!

1) Some Glad Morning - this underrated masterpiece deserves to be Number 1 on our list. You'll be glad that your mornings will be filled with the subtleties of this tune. It's a bit dark, a bit cold, and screams of British passiveness, just like the cold weather we're going to have. Give it a go!

2) Mellow Song - winters makes everyone more subdue, and what's better than to listen to the mellowest song of all- Mellow song. Blast this out loud on speakers for the best experience, as earphones won't do it justice. It's super calming and relaxing, and perfect as background music.

3) Trimm Trabb - we love this song from 13 because it's so dark, twisted but beautiful at the same time. Damon Albarn sings of shoes, but all we want to do after work is take off our shoes and relax. It's perfect as it's the epitome of Blur's dark, grungy, post-break-up blues.

4) On The Way To The Club- Damon Albarn croons soothingly about how he walks to the club- this song is, in our opinion, one of Blur's best since it's mellow, soothing but also slightly raw and energetic. It's totally perfect for the cold winter evenings. Listen with a friend or a partner for the best experience!

5) Coffee and TV - who can resist this classic, which deserves to be 5th on our list because it's so overrated. But nonetheless, it's a masterpiece in it's own right. Blast away during the late evenings after work, or on the tube back home, and it will be the tune that accompanies you to sleep.