May 8, 2011

Dave Rowntree's 47th birthday

Happy 47th Birthday to Mr. Dave Rowntree of Blur, The Ailerons, Gorillaz (contributor - drums) and politician fame. 

 Here's a funny Q&A I found online from here:

  • When is Dave Rowntree's birthday?
  • Dave Rowntree's birthday is April 8th, 1964.
  • What is Dave Rowntree's horoscope/astrology sign?
  • Dave Rowntree's astrology/horoscope sign is Aries.
  • How old is Dave Rowntree?
  • Dave Rowntree is 47 years old.*
  • Dave Rowntree's Biography
  • Dave Rowntree was born on April 8th, 1963. 
  • (*if alive today)

What's with the last line ? Ha ha ha. [EDIT: 47, he's 47, not 48 years young. I must be posting one year in advance!]