March 31, 2012

A Blurred future for Blur - Damon Albarn has the last word

It seems like Damon Albarn has fallen out with super-producer William Orbit, by deciding not to continue working with him for any new material. This bitter tweet was posted by William Orbit on March 28th on his official Twitter page:

Is William Orbit really posting about Damon ruling out Blur's future, or is this just another tweet to generate hype? Blur could have been good - does he mean that Blur is not going to "be" anything anymore? 

Also according to a recent new interview, Damon Albarn said that the band's debut new song Under the Westway may not be released for the public officially, stating that "it's something I've had knocking about for years and didn't know what to do with".

Damon Albarn
Damon Albarn told the interviewer that "Initially I wrote it as a slightly wistful national anthem for my house, I had this idea of getting it made into an old 78 record and making a flag and then just playing it - just being really silly. But I had these chords and I ended up writing this tune around it...."

He then said:  "I don't really do anything with Blur any more - there's this concert this year but it's not a full time thing at all. Maybe this tune's a last little coda to the whole story."

Blur in the 90s - last tune in 2012 ?
So is this the end of any more new Blur projects / plans / songs? Is Damon Albarn simply telling what he feels at that moment, or what he genuinely believes to be the future for Blur? There's no official notice from the band or any management, but we really hope that this is simply another of Damon's spur-of-the-moment comments.

But lets not lose all hope- Blur are also rumoured to play in Argentina this year for the Rock It event.  

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