April 7, 2012

Win tickets to watch Damon Albarn in OneFest 2012

Sign up and enter the competition to win one of the 5 pairs of tickets to see Damon Albarn perform his new songs from the latest LP Dr Dee, at OneFest, Marlbourgh, UK, on 14th April 2012

Albarn will also release the studio album for the Dr Dee opera, which he recorded earlier this year in London with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. The album, titled "Dr Dee", will be released on the 7th May, and consists of 18 tracks which Albarn described as "strange, pastoral folk". 

The tracklist is: 

‘The Golden Dawn’
‘Apple Carts’
‘Oh Spirit Animate Us’
‘The Moon Exalted’
‘A Man of England’
‘The Marvelous Dream’
‘A Prayer’
‘Edward Kelley’
’9 Point Star’
‘Temptation Comes In The Afternoon’
‘Watching the Fire That Waltzed Away’
‘Moon (Interlude)’
‘Tree Of Life’
‘The Dancing King’

Enter the Dr Dee Easter competition here: http://smarturl.it/Onefest - Winners will be announced on Tuesday. Check out some of Dr Dee's extracts below! 

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