January 31, 2024

A Belated Happy New Year and Thank You from BlurBalls

A Thank You Note To All You Readers

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Dear readers,

Wow, what a journey it's been since Blurballs' "Country House" opened its doors in early 2010! Like a Magic Whip, time has flown, and here we are, more than a decade later in 2024, still buzzing with the the latest updated posts about Blur and the gang.

You've been there through the highs, the lows, and the Beetlebum moments, always ready to Tender your insights and share your Girls & Boys enthusiasm. It’s been an End of a Century kind of adventure, but instead of fading into the 1992 blur, we’ve danced through the years with Damon's melodies and Graham's riffs echoing in our hearts.

Your support has been as steady as the beat in Parklife, as vibrant as the chorus in Charmless Man. Every comment, every like, every shared post has been a Blur of activity, making our blog a true Great Escape for fans. You've turned our little corner of the internet into a bustling Bank Holiday, a festival of Blur's charm.

Together, we've traversed this Modern Life Is Rubbish world, turning each day into a celebration of Blur's music. From the melancholic strains of No Distance Left to Run to the energetic beats of Go Out, we've covered it all, with a bit of Gorillaz's feel-good incense thrown in.

As we Stand on the Horizon of more Blur-filled days, let's raise our Coffee & TVs to the memories we've shared and to the ones still to come. You're not just readers; you're our Band Mates in this Blur journey.

Here’s to more Song 2 yells, more Beetlebum whispers, and more days under the Westway.

Thank you for making Blurballs a Stereotype-busting, Charmless-Man-defying, Parklife-celebrating haven.

To the End and beyond,

Writers of Blurballs

April 26, 2017

Damon Albarn Hints At New Blur Album - 2017

Damon Albarn, the Blur frontman and recently re-launched Gorillaz singer, has hinted that he might release a new Blur album in the future. When asked about whether there will be a new Blur album, Damon was not his usual mysterious self. He told the press he “never said I’d never make another record” with the band. 

Damon Albarn is set to release a new album with Gorillaz called ‘Humanz’ this Friday (April 28th 2017) and has said that he will then work on a new record with The Good, The Bad & The Queen. Blur lasted released their latest surprise album ‘The Magic Whip’ in 2015.

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Asked by Rolling Stone where his focus on other projects leaves the Britpop band, Albarn said: “We’re all really good friends. And I feel like I’ve given many of my best years to Blur, so I don’t feel guilty in that sense. I’ve never said I’d never make another record. It’s all the same thing at the end of the day. It’s the nuances that make it different. It’s just more music, to add to the mountain of music there already is.”

Damon Albarn also spoke about Blur’s 2015 gig at Madison Square Garden in New York, saying: “We’d never done the Garden, and I felt bad that I’d done it before with Gorillaz [in 2010]. That was not fair. But in a way, Blur always felt that we terribly underachieved in America. It was hard to understand how bands like Radiohead and Coldplay are so successful here, and we weren’t. Thankfully, I have Gorillaz. Otherwise, I might be a terribly bitter, aging Britpop-er.”

Bitter as he is, he definitely made fans' day by hinting that there might, possibly be a new Blur album coming. Stay tuned for more!