January 31, 2012

Murdoc Niccals unleashes hype for new Gorillaz songs by twitter - 2012

Murdoc Niccals from the virtual band Gorillaz (fronted by Damon Albarn) has made three tweets yesterday afternoon about the fourthcoming Gorillaz converse track. Below is a screenshot from his twitter page:

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Gorillaz announced back in November 2011 that they teamed up with shoe brand Converse and will release a new track and a new pair of Gorillaz designed converse shoes, exclusively for this collaboration.

gorillaz converse, gorillazshoes, converse gorillaz green
gorillaz converse, gorillazshoes, converse gorillaz green

Graham Coxon from Blur also worked together with Paloma Faith and Converse to produce a track, which can be watched below:

If the new Gorillaz track is as great as the one Graham Coxon did, then it's definitely going to be a great time for all fans out there. It's been a while since they released anything since Plastic Beach, and Damon Albarn has, on many occasions, said how he'd like to make this Gorillaz's last year as a band. 

To find out more information, to view the range of shoes and for more details about the night, visit Converse.co.uk

All his tweets can be found on Murdoc's twitter page HERE. 

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