April 24, 2012

Tickets for the African Express Train ? Damon Albarn reveals new tour plans

The London Olympics start in less than 100 days, and one of the key players in the event, Damon Albarn, has revealed that there will be a third London 2012 Olympic related project.

Damon Albarn has stated in a BBC 4 interview that his new project after the summer Hyde Park gigs will be called the "African Express Train". The ensemble of African musicians, along with Albarn and others, will "travel across the UK" and play music in places including Doncaster and Bradford. They will be playing "concerts in the evening" and be visiting schools.

African Express is Albarn's side projects, and its noted for it's diverse mix of Western and African talents. It's the epitome of Albarn's collaborative spirits, and love of African music which grew after the last Blur album Think Tank, in 2003.

So, it seems that Damon is getting on with Dr Dee and it's album release, playing with Blur this summer and then start touring with African Express - it seems 2012 will be, as usual, a varied year for Damon's many projects.

If the African Express Train tour is in place, it is likely that Blur, Albarn's first commercially successful band, may not be making any new material for a long time.

Where's the Blur train heading too? Has it already reached it's final destination, the Olympics 2012 ?

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