May 19, 2023

Blur's Triumphant Return: The Ballad of Darren and the Evolution of a British Icon

Prepare to be swept away by a wave of nostalgia and excitement as Blur, one of the most influential British bands of the 90s, makes a surprise comeback with their highly anticipated album, "The Ballad of Darren." The band, known for their distinctive blend of Britpop and alternative rock, captivated audiences with hits like "Song 2" and "Girls & Boys." Now, after a prolonged hiatus, they are ready to reclaim their place in the music scene with a collection of fresh tracks that showcase their growth and evolution as artists.

A Rich History of 90s Success

In the 1990s, Blur emerged as one of the frontrunners of the Britpop movement, alongside Oasis and Pulp. Their breakthrough album, "Parklife" (1994), catapulted them to international stardom, blending catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and a quintessentially British sound. The band's ability to capture the essence of the times resonated with a generation, making them an integral part of British music history.

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The Sound of "The Ballad of Darren"

As anticipation builds for Blur's new 2023 album, fans are eager to catch a glimpse of what lies in store. While the band has remained tight-lipped about specific details, it's safe to assume that their signature sound will be present, infused with a fresh twist. Expect an exploration of new musical territories, with elements of indie rock, art pop, and experimental influences potentially making an appearance.

Drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds and experiences, Blur's music has always defied categorisation. From the infectious hooks of guitarist Graham Coxon to Damon Albarn's distinct vocals, the band's chemistry and songwriting prowess have consistently produced captivating music. "The Ballad of Darren" is likely to be no exception, with each track carrying its own unique flavor.

In 2023, Albarn described The Ballad Of Darren as "an aftershock record," which offers "a reflection and comment on where we find ourselves now." Graham Coxon also said of the album: "The older and madder we get, it becomes more essential that what we play is loaded with the right emotion and intention. Sometimes just a riff doesn't do the job."

A Journey of Growth and Exploration

After a lengthy hiatus, the band members have embarked on various solo projects and collaborations, honing their skills and pushing their creative boundaries. This period of individual exploration is sure to have influenced their approach to creating new music as a collective unit. Fans can anticipate a mature and evolved sound that reflects the band members' growth both as musicians and individuals.

Blur's ability to capture the zeitgeist of their time while remaining timeless has always been a hallmark of their music. With "The Ballad of Darren," (released by Parlophone) they have the opportunity to bridge the gap between past and present, inviting fans to embark on a musical journey that pays homage to their iconic sound while embracing the ever-changing landscape of the music industry.

The announcement of Blur's comeback and the impending release of "The Ballad of Darren" has sparked excitement and intrigue among fans worldwide. As we eagerly await the album's unveiling, we can't help but reminisce about the band's influential role in British music history.

With their knack for crafting catchy melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and infectious energy, Blur's return promises to be a triumphant celebration of their artistic prowess. Brace yourself for an album that will transport you back to the 90s while pushing the boundaries of contemporary sound—a testament to the enduring legacy of a band that continues to captivate audiences with their unmatched musical brilliance.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a sonic adventure as legendary British band Blur unveils their highly anticipated 2023 album, "The Ballad of Darren." With a release date set for 21st July 2023, fans can already feel the excitement building as they have the opportunity to pre-order the album in various formats, including deluxe 12" vinyl, standard vinyl, CD, and even cassette.

Additionally, new merchandise is available, allowing fans to proudly display their love for Blur. Brace yourself for an unforgettable musical experience and explore the captivating collection on the official shop.

Official Album Tracklist

1. The Ballad
2. St Charles Square
3. Barbaric
4. Russian Strings
5. The Everglades (For Leonard)
6. The Narcissist
7. Goodbye Albert
8. Far Away Island
9. Avalon
10. The Heights

Listen to the album's first single The Narcissist below! 

March 27, 2013

Blur Live in Hong Kong - Buy Tickets Now

Tickets are now available for the Blur: Live in Hong Kong 2013 concert to be held on 6th May 2013 at 8:00pm, Asia World Arena (promoted by Midas Promotions).

Tickets cost HKD $680-$880 depending on the category of seating (marked, free standing, wheelchair/ disabled). Tickets are on sale from 25 February 2013 at HK Ticketing’s Venue Box Offices, K11 Select and Tom Lee Music Stores.  

Blur Live in Hong Kong 2013
Date:     Monday, 6 May 2013
Time:     8pm 
Venue:     AsiaWorld-Arena
Tickets:    HK$880 / HK$680 Standing and Seated
HK$480 Seated Only
    Available from 25 February 2013 through HK Ticketing, K11 Select and Tom Lee Music Stores
Ticketing hotline:    31 288 288
On-line ticketing:
HK Ticketing applies a customer service fee to all tickets purchased via its network. This fee is additional to the face value of the ticket and is payable upon purchase of tickets.
Blur official website: 

Some more information below:

  • *Each person can purchase maximum 10 tickets per transaction on the 1st public on sale day.
  • Age Limit for Standing Zone: Restricted to Age 12 or above with Height Limit 140 cm
  • Age Limit for Riser Seating: Age 6
  • Admit One Only
  • NO Replacement for any loss of Standing tickets. 
  • To avoid delays in entering the venue and to ensure an enjoyable experience, all ticket purchasers are recommended to pick up their tickets at any HK Ticketing's outlets prior to the show day.
  • Smoking, outside food & beverage is prohibited in AsiaWorld-Expo.
  • Unauthorized photography, filming and recording is prohibited in the performance venue. All cameras and AV recorders are strictly prohibited. A bag search may be conducted.

  • How to get there - transportation services to the venue:

  • Special Airport Express Fare at Hong Kong Station/Kowloon Station ↔ AsiaWorld-Expo ($52 for Same-day Return)
  • Point-to-point Express Bus Route X1 - Express transit at MTR Tung Chung Station
  • Direct A-route Buses to AsiaWorld-Expo

  • The 90-minute show will be the first time Blur has ever played in Hong Kong. Frontman Damon Albarn, however, has visited the city several times as part of his Gorillaz-stint in the past few years.

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    Fans from Hong Kong are making a buzz on popular local discussion forum 香港討論區 ("香港既Britpop迷等左十幾年先等到Blur來香港!"). Local news paper Apple Daily also reported about the gig:


    有本地網民昨日留言表示消息令人難以置信,也有人稱Blur首次舉行香港騷是2013年的音樂大事,樂迷紛紛計劃組團朝聖。一般網民對樂隊最貴的880元香港門票,比起英國樂隊The Stone Roses的香港門票更便宜而感到滿意。不少香港樂迷昨日紛表示準備下周一門票開售時撲飛,還有網民不怕重蹈Lady GaGa港騷炒燶飛事件,並揚言:「今次一定要掃飛,實唔怕放唔出!」

    Purchase your Blur: Live in Hong Kong 2013 tickets via HK Ticketing now!

    February 9, 2013

    Blur to play in Hong Kong - 2013

    It has just been confirmed that Blur are going to head to Hong Kong, China to play a concert in May 6th 2013 (Monday) from 8pm - 11pm for a three-hour gig (including support)

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    The news came after heavy rumours that Blur are deciding on a date in China, around the time the band are heading to Japan to play in the Tokyo Rocks festival the following week.

    Being a small city on the coasts of China, Hong Kong do not hosts large-scaled music festivals, hence this is the first time Blur has announced a non-festival gig. The one-time live concert will be held in the AsiaWorld Expo Arena, Chek Lap Kok, where bands such as Gorillaz have previously played.

    For many Blur fans, this will be great news just in time for the Chinese New Year holidays.

    Ticketing information will be announced shortly on - stay tuned for updates. Update: You can purchase tickets HERE.

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    August 9, 2012

    Blur would only make a new album 'for a film'

    Damon Albarn said that he would be interested in making a new Blur album only if it was "for a film".

    The singer did an interview for XFM Radio on August 5th stating that there are no further Blur plans unless they were asked to make a record for a film, which is unlikely to happen. The interview also talked about the usual - the recent shows, Hyde Park Olympics gig on August 12th 2012 and his feelings towards being reunited with Graham Coxon, Dave Rowntree and Alex James again for music.

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    Graham Coxon also confirmed Albarn's views about Blur's future. Coxon was interviewed for Shortlist Magazine this month, in which he said that there were no more new Blur songs in existence. 

    When asked whether there's more Blur material available, Graham replied: "That's it really. Sorry, but there just aren't any more. My only hope is that we carry on doing what we really want to do. That's it." 

    grahamcoxon scan, grahamcoxon fashion, grahamcoxon interview
    grahamcoxon glasses, graham coxon interview 2012, graham coxon shortlist magazine
    Click to enlarge and read. Credits to damon4president for scans

    A bit of disappointment for those wanting a new Blur record or more new songs. With this much to take in recently in the Blur world, perhaps it is destined to be a summer of intense Blur, and a rapid ending after the summer Hyde Park gigs.

    Will we be seeing Blur after Hyde Park ? Or will we have to wait for another few years for some more gigs and perhaps even a rare release?

    Did Blur promise fans a one-time show with gigantic new releases and then plan to suddenly disappear off the face of the planet for another hiatus? Fans- who is remaining optimistic ?

    *Listen to Damon's XFM interview (halfway) HERE. 

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    January 8, 2012

    Graham Coxon wants to be in Def Leppard

    Graham Coxon did an interview for NME - The Blur man fields your questions and he chats kung-fu, making soundtracks and organs. He's looking quite sharp in his sunglasses and we are loving his new potential projects! 


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