February 9, 2013

Blur confirmed for Taiwan Gig - World Tour 2013

Blur has been set to tour for another Asian date - Taipei, Taiwan, for their 2013 World Tour. This follows on from a string of Asian venues announced, including Japan and also the latest addition - Hong Kong - to the line of new gigs being revealed by the band.

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The gig will be held on May 9th 2013 at 8pm, just three days after their concert in Hong Kong on May 6th. 

The announcement of the second 2013 non-festival Blur concert not yet been officially announced by any promotional companies. The information is based on the image below, which was posted on the 大眾唱片 G-Music Taiwan Facebook page recently. The message was removed by the page shortly after it was posted, but screenshots still remained in gig forums all across the city. 

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An insider source reveals: the Asian recording company lost the bid for Blur in the last minute, and therefore hastily removed the Blur gig announcement and ticketing information. Apparently, specific news are to be announced this Saturday (9th February) as to who will finally get the bidding rights to host the Taiwan Blur concert. 

Regardless of which recording company is hosting the gig, it seems that Blur are definitely set to play Taipei, Taiwan, for their 2013 World Tour. They are already listed on GigWise Taiwan as a main act in this year's list of concerts.  

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for official confirmation, ticketing information (to be announced but you can click HERE to see the page) and the full set of details later. 

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June 29, 2011

Graham Coxon discusses latest album in Glastonbury 2011

Following his set at today's (June 25) Glastonbury festival, Graham Coxon chatted to NME about how he will be releasing a new solo album after this summer.

The Blur man spoke about the follow-up to his 2009 effort 'The Spinning Top', saying he had plenty of material for the album.

"I've recorded enough for two [albums]," he explained. "I'm not in any rush, I want to start working on that after the summer – I want to concentrate on festivals and start thinking about putting an album out then."

Coxon also spoke about headlining Glastonbury with Blur in 2009 and compared it to this year's solo slot. "It's the same sort of feeling, but the Blur thing was a little bit overwhelming," he said. "Obviously this [the show on The Park stage] was a lot more nervous energy. The Blur thing was a bit more of a laid back thing."

When asked how it felt to headline Glastonbury, Coxon said: "It's immense, really. It gives you an amazing feeling, especially if it goes as well as it did a couple of years ago… Loads of people, suave guitar, loads of amps – it's pretty good."

He added that his favourite Glastonbury memory was playing 'Beetlebum' with the band that year, during the sunset. When asked if Blur had got together recently for any writing sessions, he was quick to dispel any rumours, with a sharp "No."

Coxon said he was up for watching The Horrors and Tame Impala but added that he might not venture out of The Park area as "I don't like traipsing around much!" When asked if he'd watch fellow Britpop icons Pulp play on the same stage he had later in the evening he said: "Yeah, that'll be nostalgic."

Coxon played on The Park stage this afternoon (June 25) with his five-piece band and drew a large crowd, many of whom had to stand ankle-deep in thick mud to watch.

Graham Coxon played this setlist:

'No Good Time'
'Don't Let Your Man Know'
'Standing On My Own Again'
'I Can't Look At Your Skin'
'Dead Bees'
'City Hall'
'Running For Your Life'
'You And I'
'Sorrow's Army'
'Ooh Yeh Yeh'
'Freakin' Out'

Source : NME 

It looks like Graham Coxon has been busy as a bee with his new solo works, but we can't help wondering what's up with Blur ? Damon's been fishy and all bottled up, Graham Coxon's now making his new albums and the other two guys have just been strutting their own thing. We want news! 

Meanwhile, Graham Coxon played live at the Glastonbury 2011 Park Stage - hear him play Standing On My Own Again and Freakin' Out by clicking HERE for the BBC Music Player (UK only). 

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