October 14, 2019

Best Occasions for Popular Blur Songs

Best Occasions for Popular Blur Songs, best type of Blur song, best blur song, blur song list
Photo by Eric Nopanen / The Unsplash License

Finding the right song for the right activity can really transform your mood and make your day that much better. Below, we’ll pair specific Blur songs with specific activities (sort of like pairing the right wine with the right meal). Here are our picks:

“Girls and Boys”

Looking for the perfect Blur song to dance your heart out to? Then “Girls and Boys” needs to be on your dance party playlist. Whether you’re throwing a party with friends or dancing on your own like Robin, you can’t go wrong with “Girls and Boys.” Its throwback 80s vibes will get you up and grooving like no other. Because of the nature of the song, this would also be a good track to choose if you’re getting ready for a date or a night out.

“Coffee and TV”

Despite what the title suggests, this song isn’t best paired with coffee and TV. Even though it has an upbeat tune, it’s a good choice to listen to if you’re feeling overwhelmed or burned out by various obligations. It’s also a good choice if you need some time to yourself away from everyone and everything. This is because the lyrics discuss feeling “kicked around, bored,” being “virtually brain-dead,” and wanting to get away, perhaps to the country, where it’s calmer. Combining these lyrics with a poppy tune will allow you to relate to the lyrics without the song bringing you down. 

So, when should you listen to “Coffee and TV”? Turn it on when you want to lie down and take a break from the world. Or listen to it when you need to unwind after a particularly long work day. It would also be a good choice for painting if you’re the type who likes to take out your frustrations by making art.

Best Occasions for Popular Blur Songs, best type of Blur song, best blur song, blur song list
Photo by Jenny Hill / The Unsplash License

“Song 2”

This song is best for when you need to amp yourself up or get yourself motivated for movement. If you want to amp yourself up, “Song 2” is the must-have song for every type of gaming, from long video game sessions to high-stakes poker. When gaming, the music you choose to listen to will greatly affect your performance. It can clear your mind, reduce stress, and help you get in a competitive mood.

“Song 2” is also a great choice if you have to get moving, be that exercise, chores around the house, or getting yourself ready in the morning so you’re not late for work. Its faster pace will literally help you to move faster. This is great for running or pushing yourself during a workout at the gym because you’ll be able to get a more intense workout in.

“There’s No Other Way”

Heading on a long road trip? Make sure “There’s No Other Way” is on your playlist. This is a particularly good option if you’re in the mood to listen to music with a strong 90s vibe, too. And even though it’s not as fast-paced as “Song 2,” it would also be a good option for some mild exercise like hiking or walking. Like most of Blur’s songs, “There’s No Other Way” has some fairly moody lyrics, but focus on the upbeat tune instead for this one and you’ll be on your way to the perfect pace for your low intensity workout.


This song discusses the basic routines of daily life, like waking up and getting dressed. But it also discusses the narrator’s love of feeding birds (particularly pigeons and sparrows) and how he observes others going about their daily rituals. Whether you choose to interpret the song’s meaning in a positive or negative light doesn’t really matter when it comes to the best time to listen to it. And the best time is any time you’re going about some sort of daily routine. This includes commuting to your 9 to 5, doing chores, paying bills, or running errands. It would also be a good choice to listen to while cooking or baking, because food is another aspect of a daily routine that we all share.

Looking for more Blur to listen to? Good news: There will be a lot more Blur in your future.