July 17, 2012

Blur: Under the Westway (William Orbit Version) Lyrics

The sky won in my city today
She was so blue she swallowed the Monday
On the 52
As the traffic grew
Upon the Westway

Here I sat watching comets lonesome trails
Shining up above me
The jet fuel it fell
Down to earth where the money always comes first
And the chorus sings

Where is the day they switch off the machines
The men in yellow jackets put adverts in my dreams
Government why do you always lie
But I soon know
Captain hit the rocks so he had to fall
Throwing you love would
Suffer the rising 
Call for radical change 
'cause your mind's deranged

If you think I want to be like that
I ain't cruel
You're as tied to me
As I am to you
All aboard
Take the lifeboats home
that may defend us

It's pouring out of us today
La la la la la la la la
And it's pouring out us today
La la la la la la la la

Sold the world like everyone else does
Cock and Bull
I downed a rum or two with you
I dream of the sun
I dream the sun like everyone else does
Work's done

On Friday night in public houses
We are wonderful, Pathetic, or just
Plain gone

So it's magic arrows hitting the bull
Doing one eighty while sounding the call
And the flags coming down
And the last post sounds just like a love song

For the way I feel about you
Forgetting paradise, it's with you
On a permanent basis I apologise
But I am going to sing hallelujah
Sing it out loud, sing it to you
Always lost in the sea
'Till the tide it washes over me
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Thanks D for compiling the lyrics ! 


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