April 13, 2012

5 reasons why Blur is not over just yet

Damon Albarn has said that Blur may perform their last ever concerts this summer in a recent interview. The band will play Sweden, Denmark and wrapping up for the Hyde Park concerts in the London Olympics Closing Ceremony 2012.

Damon Albarn's interview sparked internet debate about Blur's future
This new interview, and Damon's quotes that "that's how we end it" has generated many reports on Blur's alleged "ending" in 2012. We have compiled the top 5 reasons why Blur is not going to stop in their tracks, including some recent developments (and more puzzling, mixed messages from the mouths of Blur's members) just yet:
  1. Damon Albarn's always been somewhat of a pessimist about Blur and his projects - Demon Days was meant to be Gorillaz's last album; Blur was apparently over after Think Tank in 2003 because all the boys "hates" Damon... the list can go on, but Damon's known to change his mind.
  2. Didn't the band say they were "together for good" in NME Magazine for their reunion, right before the Brit Awards 2012 ? And didn't Dave and Alex, and Graham all give contradicting statements about Blur's future ? Don't forget - this could mean Damon simply got a little carried away with his side project stresses. 
  3. Blur's Facebook page have been really active these last few months - they constantly keep asking fans our opinions on singles, tracks and albums. Blur's website also underwent a major re-design and emerged looking more mature, sophisticated and flipped - why all the trouble if nothing's going to happen ever again? 
  4. Dave Rowntree posted this message on his official facebook page: "Don't believe everything you read in the papers this weekend" - although it isn't strictly followed by any radical Blur announcement, could Dave have indirectly hinted at The Guardian's interview with Damon Albarn about the "end of Blur" ? 
  5. Graham Coxon, in a recent BBC Radio 2 interview, dismissed Damon's claims about the end of Blur. Interviewer Jo Whiley asked Graham about Damon Albarn's radical statements in his latest interview and whether it was true of not. Graham Coxon replied: "I think it's amongst the answers that we've put in the hat to pick out when we're asked about it...". Wait a minute - there's a hat? Listen to the BBC interview here - it's still up for another few days, or read the transcript of his answers below:  
JW: So Damon did an interview recently, it was for The Guardian with John Harris saying that.. [reacting to Graham doing something? pulling a face maybe? You can hear some kind of sound from Graham] .. don't worry.!. he was saying that Under The Westway and the gig you do at Hyde Park will probably draw a line under Blur.. was that news to you or was that pretty factual, factually correct? 

GC: I think it's among the answers that we've put in the hat to pick out when we're asked about it... 

JW: You just choose a different one every single time. 

GC: Yeah, pretty much. 

JW: [laughs] Ok, so that was the one he was doing on 7th April anyway 

GC: Yeah, yeah.

Blur's new track "Under the Westway" have been recorded, and is going to be released sometime in 2012. Additionally, there's always this one last summer for Blur- if they are going to end, then do not miss the chance to watch them live, one (last) time ?

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  1. u bring me hope ♥

  2. This def brings me hope. I think Damon's just being himself LOL

  3. Damon's answer in the guardian mabye was an april-joke?!