November 4, 2016

Noodle Instagram Post has Fans Guessing What is Coming Soon

Noodle from Gorillaz recently posted a mysterious message on her Instagram profile, alluding to a new Gorillaz track to be released soon.

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The Japanese caption, “近日公開,” translates as “Coming soon" in English. This has left fans speculating about what exactly is coming soon. Is it a new Gorillaz song? Or an entirely new iPad album like the previous The Fall?

In June 2016, Damon Albarn announced that a new Gorillaz album was coming "fairly soon". Now that it is already November, it is about right that something should be released soon. The band has been posting a lot of cryptic messages on its Twitter and Instagram feeds lately. This is not surprising, given that Gorillaz is a virtual band marketed solely online.

We would expect that the band's suspense-creating tactic will continue throughout this month, increasing in frequency as more things become unveiled.

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New Gorillaz Track to be Released in November 12th 2016

Breaking news for all Gorillaz fan: a new Gorillaz song may be released on November 12th 2016 or December 11th 2016. We put two dates here because we still don't know when there will be a track - if any - that will be released.

The band has been keeping this mysterious with their new Book of Murdoc and strange Instagram posts. For example, creator Jamie Hewlett has been posting clues of a new Gorillaz album in his feed but has been keeping quiet about whether there is a new release soon.

Another development is that Noodle, the guitarist for the virtual band led by Damon Albarn and drawn by Jamie Hewlett, recently ventured out into the world of online dating by setting up a profile on OKCupid. Her profile ( has since been deleted, but according to sources, Noodle’s bio reportedly read “Ready? 12:11 xxDA.”

What does that mean? DA is assumed to be the initials of Damon Albarn, the Blur frontman who founded Gorillaz with cult comic legend Jamie Hewlett, but what the numbers may mean is still unknown and has fans speculating non-stop.

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Many have eagerly assumed that 12:11 must be when we can expect a new Gorillaz single or an announcement about the album. But just when we can expect that is anyone’s guess. November 12th? December 11th? At 12:11 at night or in the afternoon?

Meanwhile, Noodle also posted some selfies on her Instagram account and wrote some Japanese writing that also has fans getting exciting. “近日公開,” was the caption, which translates as “Coming soon.”

What is coming soon? A new song? Or another comic book? We do not know, and there is numerous speculation about the possibilities.  Stay tuned to find out.

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